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Fs: EX 500 V5, 6LW, DSB, etc $2500

Discussion in 'WERA Vintage' started by El Skwid!, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. El Skwid!

    El Skwid! Old guy, old bikes

    Be on this bike, or be behind it next season!
    Joe Ball won V5 @ GNF on an EX, Clubman Nv was won by another. (If you think you can beat Cohorn & his Hus 650, good on ya! Damn motards!)
    I finished 2d in Clubman in the SE & NF behind Mitchell Bruce & his RMZ 450 on this bike.
    I have a GSXR 750 engine on the bench, another waiting & a classic car that all need money, err, attention.
    If this bike doesn't sell, I will be on the V5 & 6LW podium in '14 everywhere in the SE. Except Tally, that track sucks. Maybe not June Road A, too hot.

    1989 framed EX 500, 1st gen engine
    Fresh set of Bridgestone 120/165 slicks, 8 laps of Clubman race @ BMSP on them. Second set of 125/165 slicks from RRR/RA, 50% or more left on them.

    Frame is braced behind radiator (bolted), across the top of the frame (welded), & solid motor mounts. No flex here!
    Keyless- start switch, toggle for on, screw in gas cap.
    Woodcraft clip-ons & rear sets.
    GP shift.
    ZX-6 swing arm, F3 rear rim (red). Spare F3 rim, black.
    520 Regina Gold chain, rivet style link
    Vortex Al 42 rear on it, 43 included for short tracks
    Fresh HH front brake pads & Super Blue Racing fluid. (That really is what it is called.) Plenty of stoppage from 1 EBC rotor & steel braided line-don't doubt it!
    Speed Bleeders.
    Fox shock w/ 475 spring- good for rider up to 180#, sag is close, hard to check by myself.
    Stock front 36mm forks w/ emulators by Traxxion. Pretty close to right on a smooth track, add 1/4 to 1/2 turn on a bumpy track like JGP.
    I have a little front bias dialed in (ride height) to turn the way I like.
    Stock lighting wiring-ejected!
    Yosh exhaust, pod filters, jetted right. Runs on Premium non-ethanol fuel.
    Alien Motion lightweight battery- do not use a battery tender! These need a constant volt charger, available from the website or through Stick Boy.
    Stock seat cut down & recovered.
    Fuel tank "acid treated" to neutralize rust.
    Vintage approved "Bridgestone" & "Stickboy Racing" stickers applied.
    Ultra light rattle can paint job on lightweight fiberglass bodywork, with 'Aluminum' on the top of the tank to reflect that hot GA/AL/FL sun when looking at that '3' board on the grid.
    Pair of 36 mm clip ons from China included, if you want to go true café racer/ clubman setup with just a front number plate & no windscreen.
    Special recent add: RED anodized oil filler cap, replaces non-matching blue one pictured. Drilled to pass Tech.

    All engine/assembly work by Chris Barnett, owner of Cycle Image of Jacksonville, Fl. Trans rebuild by R & D Motorsports of Clearwater, Fl, receipt for that. Shifts like "buttah", 3 neutral balls removed.

    Valve job, special cams degreed, light head work. More could be done to flow the head, possibly 3-5 hp to be had, maybe more.
    All parts factory Kawasaki- 2 pages of receipts
    .5 over pistons makes it a 504 or so.
    All valves (8)
    Valve rockers
    Crank & rod bearings
    Gaskets & O-rings as needed.
    NGK plugs
    "Ice Water" racing coolant
    Clutch pack is good, appears to be Barnett

    Reads 52 hp/ 30.7 ft-lbs on his dyno.
    Pics taken at BMSP, GNF, last month.

    (Expert rider on closed course. Do not attempt on the streets. Your mileage may vary. Not covered by Obamacare. While humor is sprinkled throughout, this bike is serious.)

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  2. kanatuna

    kanatuna You can't polish a turd..

    This is a great for sale ad. lol

    Solid bike BTW. I know it fairly well.
  3. cajun636

    cajun636 Honda Junkie.

    It's a good bike for sure. I have been behind it and it pulls well. Joe is a good rider to so that helps but the bike is capable of doing well. I am actually surprised at that HP number thought it would have been higher becasue of the way it pulls.
  4. El Skwid!

    El Skwid! Old guy, old bikes

    This is not Joe's bike.
    I was noting the recent accomplishments of other EX's.

    Bike is in Jax, Fl.
    I'm coming to the JGP Thanksgiving thing in a support role, so I can bring it there.
    Other delivery options are possible.
  5. JBall

    JBall REALLY senior member

    Thanks for the props El Skwid!

    This is in fact not my bike, but mine is pretty similar as far as the chassis goes. (My motor was bone stock from Tuna, with the starter and starter gear removed, and race carbs).

    They are fun to ride, and you know you are getting everything out of it that it can do ( can you say this for your R1 or Gixxer 1K?)

    Best of luck with the sale.
  6. cajun636

    cajun636 Honda Junkie.

    Ahhhhhh makes sense. But seems like a nice bike for sure. I know Morris loved his.
  7. kanatuna

    kanatuna You can't polish a turd..

    I still cant believe I got beat by my own $200 motor!! hahahaha

    Bump for a solid EX500:up:
  8. El Skwid!

    El Skwid! Old guy, old bikes

    Bumpity for Christmas.
  9. britx303

    britx303 Oh long Johnson!

    Damn i thought this sold already. Im building an 89 model now for a backup this year coming.are you running the 16"front tire on that?
  10. stickboy274

    stickboy274 Stick-a-licious Tire Dude

    It's got 17's and great race rubber on it.
  11. mmfoor

    mmfoor Team Stupid!

    Best of luck to the seller, but my 600 (bought from Jason) was the 'state of the art' EX. Engine Dynamics 600 kit, Fasola built, and every other possible upgrade with the brakes, wheels, suspension. It will always be the benchmark and I regret not keeping and rebuilding. I seriously had few challengers when it was a 600 and William and I were always in a dead heat. I should have never switched it back to a 500 when the 600 blew. I was spoiled.
    So the EX listed is a great platform, and you can make it the best with another few grand invested.
    And I'll never tell you what Jason sold it to me for!

    Anyhoo, best of luck.
  12. El Skwid!

    El Skwid! Old guy, old bikes

    Thanks for the wishes & bump.
    Throw a few more grand into any bike & it will be better, Captain Obvious. :Poke: :D
    If I only had this bike, I would keep going with it & pursue the overall.
    Alas, as I said in the opener, I have other bikes & will be refocusing on V6 & 7HW's next year.
    Here's a shot of the trans after the 'freshening'.

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  13. SmokeSignalRT

    SmokeSignalRT Fat Member

    Please don't, I had more in the motor than what I sold it for :D
  14. mmfoor

    mmfoor Team Stupid!

    I sold it in a moment of painful weakness. Wish I had it back to rebuild.
    May have a 2-fiddy to sell!:D
  15. SmokeSignalRT

    SmokeSignalRT Fat Member

    If nobody else in the yo family wants it ill buy it back. I'll never race it again but ill do it to keep it in the family.
  16. El Skwid!

    El Skwid! Old guy, old bikes

    Still available.
    New RK chain installed, recent pics from RRR after I shrink them down.
    There, but not raced.
  17. #156

    #156 Well-Known Member

    Was wondering how you pulled me at road a in june 2010 in v-5 race but never after that. :Poke:
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2014
  18. fullmetalF4i

    fullmetalF4i C. Lee #826

    someone buy this bike so i can convince him to buy a dirt bike so i can race with him again...
  19. El Skwid!

    El Skwid! Old guy, old bikes

    New adds (goodies)

    Recently acquired a spare front rim, gunmetal grey.
    Brake reservoir sock with embroidered "Ninja" logo so you never forget what bike you are on.
    I have a spare stock 1st gen engine lined up, if I ever get a chance to get down to Gainesville.
    The recovered seat is bad-ass! (pun intended) It changes the whole feel of the bike: I can actually feel the rear end now! Also lowers me down two inches for less drag. Also a bonus for any Dani Pedrosa sized riders.
    I had to compress photos for posting here.

    The extra front tire is now on my GSX-R.

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  20. V5 Racer

    V5 Racer Yo!

    Georgia or Florida? I can snag it for you if it's Georgia.

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