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    There's so much more to this than meets the eye.Most trainers,and students get little if any seat time in the mts. before being turned loose solo.
    I distinctly remember my trainer telling me that some 12 yrs ago when our first run was to New York,through Virginia mountains.
    The variables are endless.Did the driver get his load weighed,before going down the mtn? I have p/u loads before,and had to drive quite a
    ways before I could scale the load only to be overweight,and have to return to the shipper to be reloaded.Schmuckers Jelly if I remember correctly Pa.
    Ive also talked with several dot officers over the years,and they will all tell you most trucks and trailers are non compliant in some form,if they want to
    look hard enough for a write up.
    I would love to know where this young man schooled,and how long he was solo.I would tell you non cdl drivers to go spend time in a big truck stop around dark.
    Watch how some drivers attempt to even park a rig.Im not knocking my profession,but they are spitting drivers out like candy daily with very little experience.
    We are All,sharing the road with them,for better or for worse.
    Its a very difficult job/lifestyle to bring the general public EVERYTHING that gives you the things to exist daily.
    No one hops in the seat with the intention of killing anyone.I would blame very poor training on this one first. 2 cents turned off
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    I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say ; I wish I wasn’t Retired …
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    I had several delivery's this week. One driver didn't want to back in to get unloaded. (Been there 4 years now and they all back in) He got his boss on the phone and his boss asked me to back in for him.

    When he first pulled up, he just put his flashers on and got out on a very busy 4 lane Rd, completely fuckin up traffic. I told him to get on the shoulder. He didn't know what the shoulder was.

    Just like car drivers, some should not be on the road.
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    I feel ya! In the past year I have backed in 2 otr drivers.Im in disbelief! That's part of it! If you can't safely back in,go home,this isn't for you.
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    I'm not sure if I've been driving for too long or it's getting worse.

    Been paying for parking spaces all week and grabbing the reserved spots that are all straight line backs. Not because of me but because I don't want to wake up to somebody tearing my hood off. Figure you can't fuck up a straight line back too bad...*fingers crossed*
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    Those corner spots always seem to be the worse. Drivers can't even cut a corner w/o taking a fender with them.I watched a driver in Alabama take a guys front fender off at the fuel island,and kept going.The poor driver came out of the Loves with a donut in one hand,and coffee in the other,I guess he was in shock,because all he could do was stare in disbelief.
    Stay safe Out there 418,and all of you drivers
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    He was basically scapegoated for a systemic failure. His company should’ve been investigated and prosecuted as well if evidence of negligent behavior were found. From the sound of it, this guy was essentially setup to fail. I’m surprised more of these incidents don’t happen. This is also why I try to stay the fuck away from trucks on the road.

    Whether we would be flowers and forgiveness if it personally affected us is irrelevant. We classify crimes as offenses against society, not individuals. That’s why the case was called State of Colorado vs. Incompetent Trucker Guy, not Families of Burned Up People vs Incompetent Trucker Guy.

    We’ve embraced this concept because precise restorative justice leads to a cycle of violence that can’t be stopped. Blood feuds are a real thing in many parts of the world. Institutions also serve to abate the base urges of man, which is why it’s necessary for society to carry out justice and not individuals.

    I also view it as irrelevant when the family of a victim asks for forgiveness and for the state to decline prosecution. It’s not up to them.

    Justice is partially about retribution, sure. It’s also about restoring balance, deterring other potential offenders, and rehabilitating the convicted. Western European legal tradition embraces the Christian concept of forgiveness and doesn’t embrace precisely equal restorative justice.There are other traditions of jurisprudence that do. Those other traditions also view justice as being between individuals rather than society and and individual. In Iran I’m pretty sure they might actually assign a sentence of burning this guy up if the victims’ families requested it.

    Exact restorative justice is certainly emotionally appealing and makes a lot of logical sense. It was revolutionary when Hammurabi first described it, but its time has passed.

    Agreeing to let society exact justice on your behalf is part of the social contract. When society fails to live up to its part of the bargain though, it all breaks down as evidenced by events of the past 2 years. Then we go right back to restorative justice carried out by individuals and blood feuds.
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    Dude can DIAF.

  9. auminer

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    Sez who.

    (okay, I lied. Did read)

    (sue me)
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    You drivers?

    Do you not drive anymore driver?
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    Lol. I'm in for the weekend :clap:
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    Can you guys give me the cliff notes? This was a traffic accident right? People died in an accident? The driver was properly operating under his endorsements approved by the state that approved his ability to drive?
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    The driver knew for several miles that he had no brakes and chickenshittedly barreled past multiple runoff ramps, and several miles of interstate with ~ 100 yards of right-of-way to the right side of the road. His unwillingness to maybe risk an accident cost people their lives in perhaps the most horrific manner possible.

    He can DIAF.
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    he had a brake failure? Then hit a car with people? And people think he chose to put others at risk rather than hit the runaways? Did he testify? What did he say? Was he neutral freewheeling? His emergency brakes not pulled? Made no evasive actions at all?

    Not that those things matter, those are just questions about the incident out of curiosity. Because he was driving his rig as his job and had an accident right? But he was charged with a crime for having an accident?

    I’m not purposely being obtuse, this doesn’t make any sense to me. It sounds like this could be similar to this.... someone that falls asleep smoking and sets an apartment on fire and people die and they charge him for a crime for the deaths because he accidentally caused them.
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    What do you not understand about the fact that he drove for miles with the knowledge that he had no brakes and chose to stop by piling into stopped traffic rather than running off the road?
  16. 27

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    It’s not a comprehension issue, it’s a lack of information, that’s why I asked what happened, I haven’t seen anything about it besides here in this thread. Feel free to fill me in on any other facts if you will. I’m not searching it as I don’t feel like searching for unbiased info, that’s why I asked here.
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    Some people just have to make a living being devil's advocate. :rolleyes:
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    You're butt hurt because some random guy got 100 years cut off his sentence.

    We get it.
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    Nope. Try again.
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    did you see my comparison? Better yet someone badly installs a heating system and carbon monoxide kills people, does he get murder/manslaughter charges? He had to be licensed and insured according to state regs and law just like a driver does.
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