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Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by ryoung57, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. ryoung57

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    He won't be convicted.
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    I said dash cam. If the car moves and drags the officer than the imminent danger reaction means he will get off. If the dash cam shows he drew the gun, then the car sped away he will most likely get convicted.
  5. ryoung57

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    No you'd better go. Tonight's episode of Felatio The Police is on. You and BR549 can do the double on officer Brelo's stiff cock.
  7. ryoung57

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    Why is it so hard for you people to understand that fighting the police will always end badly. Why is it so hard for some people to just obey the fucking law? Don't drive without a license. Don't walk down the middle of the damn street. Don't sell untaxed cigarettes. And if you're going to do these things, expect interaction with the police. And during that interaction, listen to them!
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    Or die quickly. Sounds reasonable.
  9. SpeedyE

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    Yeah, it is fucked up.
    Cop pulls over a dude who appears to be 'slow' or 'medicated' (haha) for a legal stop.
    Is polite and courteous, always professional, never rude, aggressive or flustered, nor notch cop, it seems.

    Idiot tries to drive away w/ cop in tow.
    I believe, legally, the cop pulled his issued sidearm, thinking this would get the driver's attention and thus comply and stop.
    During the chaos, the gun goes off........and it now starts.
    Under the bus he goes, $1Mil bail on murder charges.

    Chaos/vehicle-movement/reactions, and adrenaline, all while having your finger on a hair trigger. Of coarse it is going to go off.
    It was a non-intentional was unintentional manslaughter, at best.....towards a shit-head who was trying to drive off w/ a cop hanging out the window.
    It was an adrenilinized accident, no more and no less.
    Cop aint a murderer, cop aint a racist, cop aint abusive, cop aint a bully.
    It was a terrible accident/tradgedy.

    The problem/fault lies w/ the service pistol. STRIKER-FIRED! ie: Hair trigger.
    I find it insane that most all of our cops are running around w/ short-throw hair-triggered guns.....which are more prone to be unintentionally fired in a physical altercation.
    Stats prove how many accidental shooting by LEO went over when they started using striker fired handguns.
    The old-school double action Sig's and HK's and Smiths had that 15-lb trigger w/ a 1" length of travel.......there were no first round accidents w/ them, Even under duress, they didn't go off unless you made/wanted them to fire.

    No, the real blame lies with the lies evoked by the gun companies trying to push a product to the PD's, A product that is WAY easier to mfg, way cheaper to mfg and way easier to accidentially pull the trigger.

    There are factual stats that since the switch to striker fired handguns, LE accidental discharges have increased exponentially.
    So, saving a some money at the gun store equals more cops shooting people accidentally.
    If I was either of the two victims in this, I would be sueing the PD for implementing a dangerous weapon into the duty belt of officers.

    The only criminals in this were the cops who lied and said they saw the cop being dragged.....those are the ones who intentionally broke the law.

    Off soapbox
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  12. Britt

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    I am still trying to figure out why "Barney" had his gun drawn in the first place.

    also perhaps the guy saw the gun and "Fight or Flight" took over or worse yet perhaps the gun went off causing his uncontrolled application of the accelerator went where it was pointed till he slumped over the wheel DEAD, for not having a tag on the front of the car, and leaving his license in his other pants.

    Maybe him and the woman down in Texas can plead their cases to St Peter for entry.
  13. Jim Moore

    Jim Moore Well-Known Member

    I don't understand this whole thing. He's a campus cop. His job is to dump out baggies of pot and make sure drunk coeds get home safely. Why is he even pulling that guy over? Is he under orders to investigate suspicious vehicles on campus?
  14. ryoung57

    ryoung57 Off his meds

    Part of our ever increasing police state is this idea that universities now need their very own independent police forces. They're fully accredited leo's, with jurisdiction on and around campus. As such, they quickly evolve into what amounts to little cities within a city, and pretty much act like regular cops, just with a smaller jurisdiction.

    In my town we have five non-federal police departments: state patrol, city pd, capitol police, sheriff, and Lincoln university pd. There are certain parts of town where you are potentially under the jurisdiction of all five at the same time.
  15. Rob P

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    That's one thing that isn't clear. The stop was for no front plate. When he ran the tags, the vehicle came back registered to "a female". The driver stated it belonged to his wife but repeatedly failed to produce identification. So the stop went from no front plate to possible stolen vehicle because the driver's actions. I have a suspicion that he may have been driving through campus and did something that raised a red flag with the cop. I'd bet the front tag stop was more of a stop and check things out stop than anything.
  16. Fonda Dix

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  17. Rob P

    Rob P Well-Known Member

    He was starting to flee midway through the stop. He started to start the car after he was asked to step out. That doesn't warrant the gun being drawn but the stop was headed south from the start. Honestly I think after the driver failed to produce his license, knowing the car might be stolen, I would have excused myself to the cruiser, told the guy to wait and called for backup. I'd bet money that would have led to a chase though.
  18. Fonda Dix

    Fonda Dix Well-Known Member

    Even worse, universities are now setting up extrajudicial courts to try men accused of rape, sexism, and other alleged transgressions against women. These kangaroo courts assume guilt and put the burden of proof upon the accused.
  19. Banditracer

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    I thought he wasn't even on campus, he was in town. Or did I read it wrong?
  20. Jim Moore

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    I don't know exactly where he was. That would make an even bigger clusterfuck.

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