For Sale: Aprilia RS50 with KX65 swap (Mini 50 class)

Discussion in 'Mini Racing' started by RyanF, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. RyanF

    RyanF Active Member

    For sale is my Aprilia RS50 with a KX65 engine swap. Perfect for the Mini 50 class. I don't know some of the specific details as the bike was already built when purchased from Brandon Paasch.

    2000 Aprilia RS50 chassis
    unknown Kawasaki KX65 engine
    Penske shock
    Forks valved and sprung by MDM
    Moto 3 tires

    Comes with warmers, stand, box of spares, and some road tires. Ready to race.


  2. RyanF

    RyanF Active Member

  3. RyanF

    RyanF Active Member

  4. Roger Baker

    Roger Baker Member

    Is it an unfinished project or a runner?
  5. RyanF

    RyanF Active Member

    It runs and everything works. I've ridden it around kart tracks with no issues.

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