For Sale- 1976 RD400 race bike. $2800

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    Photos to follow, but I think most of you know this bike already. I bought it from Matt Pascilero (spelling?) a few years ago and went through the whole bike since it was a mess. I've only raced it a few times but once I worked out the bugs, it has become a very reliable and fast bike. The only reason I am selling it is so I can concentrate on finishing up the RZ350 and possible a FZR1000 of sorts. Bike is in Atlanta.

    The good:

    Four races on rebuild crank
    Two races on new pistons
    32mm mikunis
    Swarbrick pipes with new silencers
    PVL ignition
    RZ350 front end with new race tech springs, seals, etc
    New front brake lines
    RZ350 swingarm and rear wheel.
    Works shocks
    TZ250 seat
    Avon 90/90-18 and 110/80-18 tires with two weekends of racing

    Recent mods:

    Rebuilt petcocks
    Installed YZ85 reed cages, TDR reeds and billet intakes (jetting still needs to be dialed in on dyno or track)
    New TZ250L fairing-unmounted

    The bad:

    Needs fairing brackets fabricated (or just slap a front number plate on it)
    Needs proper tach (has new small digital tach/ hour meter now)
    Needs new EGR gauge and hour meter installed.
  2. yamageezer

    yamageezer Well-Known Member

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