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Discussion in 'General' started by Gino230, Jun 28, 2022.

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    Rick, I think Gino is still on the FZ-07.
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    FZ 07
  3. RM Racing

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    I don't have that one. If someone had a set of cases (to borrow), I'd make one for free in exchange.
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  4. Gino230

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    Update on the engine stand project.

    So, here we have the $75 Amazon engine cradle. I've drilled it so I can use a stainless rod (seemed less flexible than the threaded rods) to go through the rear motor mount and I'll drill and secure with hitch style pins and washers.

    The front, I'm going to have to fab up some kind of bracket to go to the motor mount locations on the head. Hopefully this will stabilize it enough where I don't need to go for a third mounting point. Not quite as trick as a custom one, but better than dragging it around in a takeoff or plastic bin.

    So far, the plan is aluminum bent and drilled to make the brackets. Buying a welder and teaching myself to weld is not in the cards right now, since I have a few other projects and race season is still in full swing. Perhaps in the off season....

    @RM Racing if I had a set of cases, they would be on the way to you already!

    engine stand 1.jpg engine stand 2.jpg
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  5. RM Racing

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    I would love to help you..and others.
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  6. Gino230

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    Do you need to take it back to the shop? Or could you take some measurements at the track? I will be at Barber.....
  7. TWF2

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    Here is stand I made. I did it this way on purpose so I can work on top end or any side of engine. It is simple square with 4 uprights.
    I have set of cases as well if you want it for making stand.

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  8. RM Racing

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    Don't know that I will make it to Barber this year. But the answer would be yes.
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  9. Robby-Bobby

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    If/when, put me down for one also.

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