Endurance Points by Class?

Discussion in 'WERA National Endurance Series' started by t11ravis, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. t11ravis

    t11ravis huge carbon footprint

    Anyone else having trouble viewing it?
  2. punkadilly

    punkadilly Well-Known Member

    I couldn't yesterday, haven't tried today yet.
  3. mperussault

    mperussault Well-Known Member

    Same problem.
    I also saw that the Overall Endurance report has a couple of errors: 1) it's not sorted by total points to date so the rankings are wrong and 2) the team Katra bike #0 and Katra-Apex bike #16 both have the same number of points for round 2 (where only Katra-Apex #16 should have points). I am sure Sean will correct that.
  4. gixxernaut

    gixxernaut Hold my beer & watch this

    That's because Team Peace Beast is actually thumping you guys in the Lightweight Class championship and you just can't see it through the tears. :D
  5. t11ravis

    t11ravis huge carbon footprint

    Well, it took me a week to read this... because of my emotional vision problems obviously.
    Well done George. :up:
  6. gixxernaut

    gixxernaut Hold my beer & watch this

    Thanks Travis. It really does a body good to know his trash talk is well received. ;)
  7. mperussault

    mperussault Well-Known Member

    Hey: Wake UP!

    Hey, the final Endurance round is in 3+ weeks. Can we get a points standing report or is it too much to ask ? (why don't you add a $1 fee to to the endurance registration fee so we can get a free points report e-mailed to us within 6 months of a race) :) LMAO x 100. This is truly hilarious considering the amount of money we spend on this sport.

    FYI: when I go Golfing and spend $400 golfing for a day they call me MR. Michel at least 20 times and say Thanks at least 40 times and the pretty girl with the Golf beer cart checks on me every 10 minutes. At the end of the day they usually give me free drinks at the club (if I know the bartender). You may want to rectify you WERA club and start acting like a Golf course. I believe that we actually spend a lot more money than the typical Golfer and take a lot more risks. Just in case you want to stay in business.

    Sorry for the verbal burst Sean, but you really need to start taking care of your endurance teams or we are ALL going to defect to CCS TC or go Golfing.

  8. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Michel, I have explained what is going on and I'm sorry if this like your complaint about the whole Katra thing wasn't handled to your personal satisfaction.

    I'm not a golf pro and I don't suck up to people just to keep then running a series we lose money at and do for the love of Endurance racing. Have fun racing CCS or on the links.

    I do take the Endurance series seriously and I do take care of our teams. However I also have the racers who pay the bills so we can run the endurance series to take care of. I am sorry but for the overall good of the Endurance series, those riders have to take precedence because if it weren't for them we wouldn't be able to afford to lose money putting on the races for you.

    Quite simply if you want to be treated like a pampered golfer, the racetrack isn't for you. If you want to be treated like a partner who we work with to put on races because we love the sport then by all means, keep coming out because that is what we do. There is no money in this, neither Evelyne or I could even come close to affording to pay to do what we do for a living.
  9. TWF2

    TWF2 2 heads are better than 1

    You can actually figure your points easy. 1st and 3rd rounds points are in results. 2nd round is missing on wera site but you can check mylaps for result (finishing position and laps) and calculate based on 2.5 miles length of RA.
  10. t11ravis

    t11ravis huge carbon footprint

    Isn't the overall points page correct?
    Seems like it is.
  11. couch

    couch Well-Known Member

    Against the sage advice of my good friend Russell Masecar, I feel the need to respond to this... Sean, I don't play golf either... and I can assure you that neither Michael nor I want to be pampered...

    I think you'd be hard pressed to say that I haven't "partnered" with WERA... spending not only entry fees but thousands of dollars to help WERA and help the Series... the only thing I've ever asked for is an audience with you and Evelyne to discuss the future of Endurance Racing... so that you could hear (and listen) and respond to the concerns of the racers that make it possible. I started asking for this last year and it still hasn't happened... I joined as a sponsor and I still can't get the meeting...

    Here's a few things that stand out in many of your responses... you think that Endurance Racing is all about you and your (WERA's) sacrifice... it's not, it's about the racers. You are in the customer service business and offer nearly no concern, care, or even kind words for your customers. The Endurance Series is about them... not you... if it loses money, it's a management problem... you are offering a product that folks aren't happy about buying... and then you make them feel bad about feeling bad... and then you wonder why the next race isn't better. It's not the economy, it's your customer service. Other race organizations have had dramatic improvements in their attendance... because many racers are leaving WERA and new racers, hear the feedback and don't go to WERA at all...

    All you need to do is come out of the tower, walk the paddock, ask some questions and you'll understand why. Since I'm sure you'll object to my assertion regarding attendance, I would also suggest that you attend a CCS event, walk the paddock, and ask the same questions... questions like "why are you here?" or "when you decide to spend thousands of dollars racing motorcycles, what are the factors that influence what race you attend?", or "I noticed that you're attending fewer WERA events, why?"

    If you can actually ask these questions... and then avoid cynicism and sarcasm in your response... you might gain some valuable customer knowledge that will help you sell spots on the grid.

    You are selling racing... but your responses... peppered throughout the BBS makes is seem as though you are here doing your customers a favor... and worse than that, that you resent having to do it... like you are somehow forced to hold races and resent folks for actually showing up.

    Don't get me wrong... I continue to make commitments to WERA... I'll spend thousands at the last race in Atlanta to host a pig roast and Curtis Murray will bring a band (at his cost)... all to make you look good... to make the paddock less depressing... to celebrate a sport in ways that you don't have time for or have lost interest in... there's nothing in it for us except to make WERA look good... and we still can't get a meeting... can't get you all to walk the paddock and talk to your customers... can't even get response from you to Michael that isn't passive aggressive or just insulting.

    This will be my last post so feel free to have the last word.
  12. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I haven't said you want to be pampered, Michel absolutely said in his post that he did - hence my response about his post to his post.

    I do get out of the tower - when I can. I was at Talladega but you were at Summit so you didn't see me. You didn't see me at Road Atlanta where I would have been in the paddock because I had to go work another race (missing a WERA Road Atlanta round for the first time since 1988).

    The Endurance series is not financially viable for the teams. There are not enough people out there with the money to do the travel and afford all of the expenses. That is why is has been cut to 4 rounds. There are enough people who can afford to go sprint racing for it to be viable and at least 4 times a year (looking at 5 next year) pay for the teams who do wish to go Endurance racing. There is no one seeing a huge jump in Endurance grids right now sorry. WERA is absolutely seeing an increase in Sprint turnouts due to the changes we've made this year and the economy picking up. Every other organization we've talked to is seeing the same general increase. You want to know why CCS is doing better at Summit? Simple - they have NJMP paying the bills so they can afford to race there and that makes them more attractive to the riders in the Mid Atlantic. It's not really a difficult thing to understand. With NJMP being a partner of theirs and wanting to charge us full track rental there is no way for WERA to compete in that region right now. However, as usual, the riders will go back to preferring how we run things and will come back to our races, same as every other time we've gone through these things over the years all over the country. There is a reason why Evelyne is the one single person who has consistently run a successful sanctioning body for longer than anyone else in this country.

    What exactly do you want to meet about? You have talked to Evelyne repeatedly about your ideas and thoughts and while in some respects you are absolutely correct, in others you're not. She has taken steps to try and put some of your ideas into practice.

    As for walking the paddock and talking to racers, I do that on a regular basis. I'm sorry if they aren't events you're at but WERA really does run a lot more than you attend. We don't have enough income to pay for a lot of officials to come to races so I don't always have that luxury during the races as I have to work. I am not just sitting in the tower with my thumb up my ass, all you have to do is come up and see for yourself as many racers do over the weekend. Once I have worked 12 hours and go get dinner and take care of the dogs I don't always have the energy to go hang out in the paddock but I still do so as often as I can. But you'll have to forgive me on those days where I want to get some rest for the 12 hour plus day that will be happening again tomorrow.

    I'm also very confused about the whole depressed paddock thing. I see lot of people who do go hide out in their rvs which wasn't possible before we had so many of them in the paddock but there are plenty of people hanging out having cookouts and partying all over WERA paddocks all over the country. I'm honestly not sure which races you're going to that this isn't happening.

    My responses to our customers on here are not in any way treating them as if they are a hassle or the like - except when I have someone like Michel who has been bitching for months about different things and is not happy because I have been busy with other things that take priority over what he wants me to do on his schedule. I have been nothing but polite until this latest bitching on here - and yes, there is a point where I get tired of it and I start responding as people treat me. If you actually look at how I respond - not how the people who treat me like shit and get a response in kind but the actual customers who merely ask questions or have complaints - those people get treated like the valued customers they are. When you start treating me like shit on here or in person then I will respond the same way.

    Finally on the doing you a favor. If you're an Endurance team then we are. It is a horrible business decision for WERA and has been for almost a decade. True Endurance racing in this country cannot support itself at a National level. The ONLY way it can be run is if you have someone like Evelyne who is willing to take money from a profitable part of her business and use it to fund a losing part. Endurance racing is good for the sport but it is bad for the business. It absolutely is a favor she is doing and if it hadn't been for her listening to me for years it would have been cut back or possibly even shut down totally years ago. I have been pushing for it for as long as I've been racing and yeah, when I have teams bitching at me it gets me a little pissed off because I have been there supporting you all along even if you're not paying enough attention to realize it. Same thing as Vintage, I have people bitching to Evelyne that I am killing Vintage racing when the only reason it exists is because I keep fighting with her for it.

    This isn't some customer service business where we put on events, go home, and just show up another day to put in our hours and move on to the next customer. This is our life, our passion, our entire world. You're not just customers who need to be sucked up to because the customer is always right. You're our friends, our family, our partners in putting on these events. So I do apologize if you don't want to be treated like friends and family - the good parts and bad - but if this just becomes a customer service job to me then I'll go do that where I can actually make some money and let someone else deal with the bullshit bits.

    I guess what it all comes down to is I cannot treat our customers as merely customers. If that isn't going to work for you I truly am sorry but that will not change.
  13. mperussault

    mperussault Well-Known Member

    I have been complaining (since June) and I am still complaining and will continue complaining because the MW Endurance Points by Class posted results have been and are still wrong. (and indirectly the Overall points are wrong as well, see Katra Teams points...it is so obvious). So here is my “unofficial” points standing after 3 races for the top 7 teams in Mediumweight:

    1 Vesrah Suzuki 361.54
    2 Team Coyote 281.99
    3 TOBC Racing 228.35
    4 KATRA/Apex 206.51
    5 Lunatics 179.97
    6 Orthopedics 106.25
    7 Guardian 103.00

    Enough said, but I am completely 100% supportive of all comments made by John Couch. Looking forward to the TOBC hosted BBQ at RA for all the Endurance racers. Hope Seam will join us so we can continue this conversation face to face.
  14. mperussault

    mperussault Well-Known Member

    I meant Sean (Not Seam) , my typo.
  15. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I totally agree, they are incorrect - on the website. As I have said and I guess I will say again, originally it was an error on our end not making Katra a new team at Road Atlanta. I am sorry I wasn't there but I had to be at another event. I did get that fixed in the main computer prior to Talladega so the grid and everything else was correct. It wasn't fixed on the site as there was then and still is an issue. We have put a new server in the office to get some of the items fixed which led of course to other things being slightly buggy and we are working on the problems - including the Endurance points. Tuesday the 3rd of September I got sick and have missed the majority of the last two weeks in the office. I have gotten done the bare minimum to keep the events we had to run going but that was all I could manage. I apologize for being sick, it was not something I chose willingly I assure you and I will do my damnedest to keep it from happening again so that I can get the Endurance Points fixed on the website for you.
  16. punkadilly

    punkadilly Well-Known Member

    Could a temporary fix to the problem be linking up a pdf (or excell or whichever format you have them in) file of the correct points that you have in here maybe?

    I'm just trying to help find a solution - not trying to add to it, I promise :eek:
  17. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    That makes sense, once I get caught up here I'll try that - right now I'm installing updated versions of sql onto 3 different computers so we have points/grids/sscoring for the events this weekend.

    We needed the new server badly but good lord is this getting annoying and I've lost the two weeks I had set aside to get it handled.
  18. punkadilly

    punkadilly Well-Known Member

    thank you ... I handle points, etc for my horse competitions. I know angry mobs as well LOL
  19. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    The angry mob I can handle, today is my day to join in any mob into computer hate.
  20. V5 Racer

    V5 Racer Yo!

    Give me a shout if he needs a PA, I can provide one gratis.

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