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Discussion in 'General' started by 2OLD2BFAST, Mar 23, 2016.


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    All knowing beeb, I'm still looking for my next bike and found a 2014 675R with the kit ECU and wondered what the Triumph kit ECU empowers it to do... Are we talking about remapping, or are we talking trick stuff like auto-blip ability etc? The bike also has a PC w/Auto tune, so I am hopeful the ECU isn't just redundant in it's ability...
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    The "Kit" ECU for the Triumph is locked and not adjustable. The "Kit" ECU and harness remove all of the street going gear, EXUP valve, and raise the rev limit to either 15,000 or 15,500 (depending on the selected ECU). All tuning will need to be done with the PCV.

    No fun stuff like Auto-Blip,
  3. This.

    It doesn't give the 675 a lot of new features or anything like that. It essentially just gets rid of the street stuff. You will still need to have a dyno tune done.
  4. ryoung57

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    How do you get cool stuff like auto-blip on a 675R?

    2OLD2BFAST Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I knew where to find the answer...
  6. There are some aftermarket companies that make autoblip units. I don't know anything about them though.
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    The 675 still uses a conventional set of throttle cables (no ride by wire) so it isn't something on the market that works correctly. Stanboli worked for weeks on an auto-blip system with Flashtune and ultimately we decided to not run it. (It worked well on the dyno, but couldn't get it work well on the track).
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    Edit: Posted at same time as RD
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    Scott Smart (WSBK and MotoAmerica Technical Director) set up some Motec electronics for us in 2013. The Motec ECU would allow us to play with fueling and all other settings. He tried to use the "idle" motor on the throttle bodies, but ultimately it failed because the idle adjuster motor kept burning up. There were a number of things tried with different servos and motors, but that is one of the biggest handicaps of the 675 as compared to the R6.
  10. S Tsotsoros

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    Are you aware of the Triumph Racing Partners Purchase Program? It looks like a really sweet deal. Especially for someone already committed to the platform. https://fs18.formsite.com/carlama8/form110/index.html
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    Unless you're at the very very pointy end of the pro class, auto blip is unnecessary.
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  13. "Unnecessary" is relative. One could argue the same thing about a QS, Ohlins suspension, an exhaust etc.

    And i might have been with you before Tally. But after riding the 1299S, it sucked going back to having to use the clutch on the R6.
  14. ryoung57

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    Certainly, but when you're slow you want these things just to make the ride more enjoyable.
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    In addition to helping you swap bikes, I shall from now on play you a sad song on violin everytime you go from the 1299 to the r6:crackup:
  16. :crackup:
  17. ryoung57

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    Will the RSV4 autoblip?
  18. throwdown

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    You dont, it doesn't have an electronic throttle
  19. No.

    Speaking of which, I have been meaning to put that thing in the Classifieds for months now but I just haven't got a roundtuit. All it gets used for now is riding back and forth to the gym.
  20. Robby-Bobby

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    I disagree with the most respectful of uppercuts landed to your jaw.

    Suspension and a quick shifter IMO does much more to overall lap times (especially suspension).

    Not saying it isn't nice to have, but if my bike didn't have it, I would use the $$$ and time elsewhere more importantly than worryin about retrofitting a system to work.

    Especially in the 675 where the Tranny is silky smooth like the Paul Mitchell.

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