ducati air cooled motor experts, differences between the years?

Discussion in 'Tech' started by samizx7, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. samizx7

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    i was wondering what is the difference between ducati hypermotard engines from 08-09 and 2010+ evo. are they the same or are there major differences. how can i spot which is which.

  2. nlzmo400r

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    The EVO is considerably improved from an engineering perspective, but if you're talking about 'seat of the pants' feel, it's not crazy different.

    The EVO engines from 2010+ have a reshaped combustion chamber/cylinder head with a single spark plug instead of a dual spark. The evo has a slightly higher 11.3:1 compression, different camshafts and makes about 5hp peak over the old DS engines.

    The EVOs also use a vacural casting method that creates thinner engine cases for lighter weight and also magnesium clutch and stator covers. I think the weight difference is somewhere around 10lbs.
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  3. samizx7

    samizx7 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. That was very helpful.

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