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Discussion in 'General' started by sheepofblue, Jul 19, 2022.

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    If you have ever seen me on the track struggling to not get passed by 400’s, you’d know my karma account is probably overdrawn.
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    This is Ellie. She was abused and neglected when she wandered in here about a year and a half ago.
    Now she's a little spoiled porker with doting parents. She's in "time out" and doesn't care for it. Lol...

    ellie 3.jpg
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  3. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

    Tell me Charles Schultz didn't actually own a beagle...

    Ellie 1.jpg
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    A friend’s wayward dog being returned by the local police. She showed her gratitude by dropping off some kimchi pancakes. 6B0DDDE8-1F25-4BDB-A8F5-6F322F826E99.jpeg
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    Fitting post for me. My family just buried our best friend yesterday. He went too early, 11y old. He was healthy till the end, then went downhill so fast. He was surrounded by all those that loved on him for hours. I've never felt pain like this. My eyes are burning and dry and I've tried to hold it together for my kids. I dug his grave in the thunder, lightning, and pouring rain. To my bestest friend, I will miss you forever.

    My last pic, minutes before he got his final relief.
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    Sorry man, it always sucks but we keep doing it cause it's worth it.
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    Dammit whos chopping onions??

    So sorry man its tough to let em go
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    No dislike button, sorry.
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    Barc Barquez


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    My Zeus...

    Attached Files:

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    Just dog pictures??? What about cats?
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    Heck with a dogs life thread.
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    Eff em gatos!!
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    Just got this guy in May. Wife found him at a shelter in Louisville and called as soon as she saw the pics. We went to meet him and they said that they couldn't let him go yet because he was wild as shit. No training and only 8 months old he was a monster. We said fine because we had a busy month coming up with vacation and some business travel. One month later we went and got him and he was awesome. The wife did the dog DNA test and it came back 100% GSD. I guess he is a long haired variant or something. I'm no dogologist.

    Axel Rose did not care for this leash

  19. britx303

    britx303 C.Thomas is Monica!!

    Sorry for the loss!!!:(
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    Hazel the 7 LB menace. I was never into small dogs, but my wife had one when we got together and he passed about 5 years ago. We got this one when she was small enough to fit in my wife's scrubs pocket.

    Normally Chihuahuas are a pain in the ass, but she's friendly and adventurous. Dives into bushes after lizards, goes swimming, etc. Brings us alot of joy.
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