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Discussion in 'General' started by Wheel Bearing, Oct 27, 2015.

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    For desert riding, sure. For any sort of woods single track, that’s a nyet. I’ve had a couple hydration packs try to pull me off the bike. Something like a flight just seems seems like it might help ya take flight.

    It is nice to have for trackside photography work. :D
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    Myself and most of the crew I ride with switched from camel back to either Klim or USWE, far superior to any camel back product and they actually support OHV. Longer rides over 100-150 miles per day I use the USWE either Ranger 9 or Tanker 16, racing I use a smaller one like the Outlander2L.

    USWE link: https://www.uswe-sports.com/us/packs/moto

    The Klim Fuel pack is a good choice also but mainly for racing or 40-60 mile ride. The Nac and Krew paks are good.

    Klim link: https://www.klim.com/off-road/accessories/Bags

    I prefer the USWE to the Klim because the USWE fit great with most chest protectors and do not move around.

    Edit- I'll add Osprey to the list, I know a few guys that use the Skarub 30 hydration paks for all day 100+ mile rides, not sure if they support moto/ohv or not.

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    I use an OGIO that I got from TJ. I freeze the bladder the night before, and there's always a chunk of ice left at the end of the ride 12-14 hours later, even if its 95° out. Has plenty of pockets for storage too. I love the thing!
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    The best one I have found is the USWE, I have bought and tested almost everything, and that is what I chose for the Dakar, if you need something sub par I have a bunch of used stuff LOL
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    OH and before you go and get jiggy offroad add some Tri Salts to your bladder. You will thank me later. Its the best bladder additive out there and at 7.00 for a year supply you cannot go wrong.
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    I have an OGIO flight vest = NO thanks, pack your tools on your bike not your back. Crashing with tools on you at high speed sucks, too much experience there.

    Here is the list from inside out
    1) Under Armour Compression Tights and shirt --- Keeps your muscles from tremors = NO SEAMS to tear your ass apart either
    2) Moose brand Socks, the one with the Orange tops, = make sure your socks have no seams and no special fancy graphics all the extra thread will tear you up
    2) Leat soft armour = upper body and knee guards
    2) USWE --- Ranger 4 with hands free
    3) Enduro Jacket from Radikal racing = they are designed to have the USWE under them and they are form fitted like leathers, There is enough pockets to carry most of the food you will need for a day, and some tools.
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    It's the Dakar 100. I don't think they make them anymore, but, I bought 4 of them, so I should be good.
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    There's a bunch on ebay right now, and Ogio makes at least one right now:

    Is that it? You like it enough to say "that's the one"?
    I need to find one local (same as the Ogio above) to make sure that it works for my random collection of gear.
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    This is the one I have. No experience with the newer one in the link, but yeah, I like it more than well enough.

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    Based on the options available, I'm going to have to take time to make a decision as the bike and gear tub is going on the trailer tomorrow, and I don't want to test a new product on a trip like this. I'm using a decent pair of saddle bags for the big stuff, and my current pack will carry paperwork, water, and other survival crap. But, I'll get into a local shop soon enough to test out the gear as we have a couple of decent bike shops who stock (or can get) packs for me.
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    dig it or hard pass?
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    Are you coming from a low humidity environment?
    Either way, just like going to the track for a weekend, start hydrating a couple/few days before. The temps may be low, but you're still gonna lose a lot of water. I'd say, if you're not gonna be near your basecamp most of the day, 3L is a minimum. Like the ocean, the desert suffers no fools.
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    Someone spent a lot of time and money blinging something out that has never seen the dirt. That thing in no way speaks to me, but some may think it looks cool.
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    i like the metal grate look but the 2nd accent color of red needs to go... the blue is sweet on the forks especially with the DLC on bottom

    they must be a JLO fan..
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    Looks great now but after a short ride in the Georgia red clay I can't imagine the hideousness that would ensure, and then having to actually clean it again.
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    I thought of that as well... i wonder if the grate has a clearing effect like the foam on the helmet.

    i also wonder what kind of 3d print operation they got going on in the background and I've seen some "carbon" 3d printing(lol) i hope its PP like all dirt bikes
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    Virtually no dirt experience here (other than one near death experience at Brown Mountain NC). Looking to get a reasonable bike for training and to learn the basics on my farm. 15 Ac of fields and 15 ac of woods with crappy trails. I bought a Kawi 110 for the grand kids to learn on but it is too cramped for me and under sprung as well. I was thinking a 250 4 stroke would be the ticket but even those seem pretty small. What does the all knowing Beeb think?
    While I'm at it. I've got no dirt bike gear. What's the minimum to get started?
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    450 and send it!

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