Dave Moss Sportbike Suspension 2 DVD set

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  1. 95speed

    95speed aka Felix el gato

    "An Introduction to Sportbike Suspension by Dave Moss of Catalyst Reaction" 2 DVD set, produced by On the Throttle TV.
    Become a faster and better rider whether you race or doing track days by knowing everything about suspension.
    Excellent condition.....retail is $ 24.95.....
    Asking $ 19.75 + shipping $ 2.00......paypal add 3% DSC_0817.JPG DSC_0821.JPG
  2. 95speed

    95speed aka Felix el gato

  3. 95speed

    95speed aka Felix el gato

    That one sold -----> Down under.

    BUT I have another set, exact same item but sealed, never opened.

    Asking $ 20.75 + $ 2.75 US shipping.....international shipp. on quote.

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