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    A spec ECU like Motec would keep most if not all locals out of MA. Though I don't think locals are needed for the occasional entry in SB. That is why there is a Super Stock 1000 class. I ran a MA round in 2017 and that is when the Superstock and SB were in the same race. I was able to run two races. If I enter the Superstock class now I would only be able to run one race on most weekends. That is a lot of time and expense for one race.

    I wonder if they need to go back to the combined SB and SS race that they had before? The smaller teams could run SS and still be in the main feature race for spectators and TV.
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    100 more tickets sold from a few locals competing isn’t going to make of break anything. MA needs 10 thousand more sold, which will come from big names/personalities, not so-and-so club racer.

    Have u raced w MA? I’m a nobody club racer and they’ve gone out of their way to include me. Simply, their “customer service” to me has been amazing and I always feel like I’m wanted. Describing that as elitist is way off base. And I’ve only managed to sell ~10 tickets to friends and family.

    MA reduced the spec of SSTK1000 to STK1000, creating a great spot for locals to race. And their participation for 2019 will add 2 more races. MA is being inclusive.

    The only way to successfully get locals into SBK is reduce the time gap to Cam and Toni. Classically, it’s near impossible to slow them and their team down. So somehow the locals needs to get faster. That rly isn’t MAs job.
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    Good points.

    Anyone racing SBK probably spent a few thousand $ on a race flash already. Spending that on a spec ECU instead is an ez choice for me. But ya, I’m prob not the norm and I could see it keeping locals out of SBK.

    I wonder how BSB handles wildcards. Maybe a borrow-an-ECU program?
  4. Steeltoe

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    Well said.
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  5. Seperate races.
  6. Tracks aren’t small, some are tight but not to the point to make that big of a difference. It’s elctronics.
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  7. Locals have traditionally been promoted by local media. Maybe that's because the promoter took that direction. Don't know.
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    What I find "funny" or more accurately telling is that JU rarely, if ever, comments on these discussions anymore.

    On a personal level, that bums me out simply because his unvarnished version of reality on this topic is refreshing.

    It's not always as amusing as the peanut gallery version, but I actually learn things.

    NOTE to JU:
    Thanks for the article on Magura USA in the December RRW. It warms my heart to be reminded that some things about Southern Illinois don't totally suck.:D
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    It mostly is tho. Fans in stands means sponsors which means TV which means more sponsors. Can't do the later steps without the first ones.
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    SX events average 46,000 people in attendance and over 300,000 on TV....
    FT average is 6,000 people in attendance.

    RR average is???
  11. Mongo

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    A large part of that is the locals promoting themselves too.
  12. Mongo

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    Higher than 6k a race.
  13. Robby-Bobby

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  14. Robby-Bobby

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    I’d like to see some numbers myself.
  15. stangmx13

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    TV viewership numbers are in the marketing decks that MA published after each event. TV numbers on BeIn was 275-350k, adding up all the races. I think we gotta divide that by 6 for a rough estimate of 45-60k per race. thankfully we also have Youtube and BeIN and MA's channels double the viewership.

    I cant find 2018 ticket sales, only 2017 Laguna cuz WSBK of course. that was 64k and likely defines the maximum. it suggests that the one-day total is probably less than SX's 46k.
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    The RR numbers are in the 2019 Sponsorship slides on the Motoamerica registration slides. 2018 had 703k viewers of 10 races so 70k TV viewers per race on average. They list 2.7M watched at least 1 minute of one of the races. I guess that’s some Nielsen metric. Barber was down at 26k viewers likely related to some cable carriers dropping Bein at the end. YouTube had 1.2M viewers and Facebook another 162k viewers.


    Race attendance looked like it was around 15k per race with big increases at COTA and Laguna Seca joint race weekends and drops in the rain.

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    Only way to get more people to attend the MA races, is to put Mid-Ohio back on the schedule. 1/2 kidding, 100% biased...
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    Now I see how Mongo is killing road racing.....He's actually Trump, in disguise. OK...follow me....if you look at the slide below from MA you'll see 50% of the viewers are of HISPANIC ORIGIN. Thats half for you people educated in the south.


    So, Mongo must have had an idea that this was trending and created the Donald Trump persona and get him elected President. That way he could choke off the flow of potential new road racing viewers, vis a vis the border wall. Thats why its so important. He has to get the wall up to kill all road racing.

    I mean when have Mongo and 'Donald Trump' (wink wink) been in the same room together. Right. Ive never seen a picture. Not one. So clearly he must be the same person. Same effing person.

    Damn. Now that i know I expect the black helicopters to start circling.

    Remember, if you love road racing and want it to grow, import more Hispanics.
  19. eggfooyoung

    eggfooyoung You no eat more!

    Something tells me the Hispanic numbers are that high because of soccer being 99% of the programming on BeIn.
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    I would think those demographics represent BeIN sports viewers as a whole, not necessarily MotoAmerica viewers.

    Soon there will be some really exciting announcements on the TV side.

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