damnit ! enough already... Another racer lost. :(

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    MELK-MAN Michelin.. Bitches..

    RIP James Cowton.. and Ivan Linton in critical condition.


    (From TT Supporters Spain post)
    Absolutely devastated, RIP James Cowton.

    It's hard to fathom the words, but James was a quiet down to earth lad who had a unique motorcycling talent.

    A North West 200 winner, Ulster GP winner, a true specialist of Oliver's Mount, a race winner at Armoy and Cookstown, 2014 Duke Road Race Rankings champion.

    Third in the Lightweight TT of 2014, Newcomers C Manx GP winner of 2012, he proved time and time again his undoubted talent on the roads.

    Unquestionably in my opinion, East Yorkshire's greatest ever international road racer, he always flew the Yorkshire flag high.

    Never forgotten

    RIP #52


    from Sue Blythe photography post..

    "More terrible news - Ivan Lintin is in a critical condition as he was involved in the same accident - lets all pray he pulls through.. what a terrible year for the sport. (photo taken at this years TT - just love that smiley warm face!) "
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    My god i cant take much more of this. So many lost this year.
  4. trancework

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    This is heartbreaking. Absolutely gutted....

    RIP Racer. :(
  5. Ra.Ge. Raptor

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    It's not a good year for road racing... :(

    RIP racer
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    A man who has won road races....
    Are todays bikes too fast for road racing?

    Sure, better suspension, better tires, better brakes, better bikes altogether. But has the margin for error become too small?

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    Williams crash had nothing to do with to much power. Engine failure that dumped oil on his back wheel is what took him from us. Are bikes getting to crazy? In my opinion yes across all racing. But at least in williams case less power wouldnt have changed the outcome. Feel even more heartbroken for william and the dunlops after i found out. Mechanical failure is the scariest thing. Nothing you can do and in most cases cant see it coming.
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    Enough is enough, certainly.
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    Damn... Zero margin of error if you fall off on most of those courses. My condolences
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    A sad time, indeed. RIP racer. :(
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    RIP Racer!
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    "I have decided to sit walderstown out this weekend to stew on things. After the guts of 10 years sharing a grid with William and getting to know him plus being a fan and an admirer his accident sort of got to me in a way I’m finding hard to compartmentalize as we normally do...
    Also with the incident at the southern yesterday evening where James lost his life and Ivan is critically ill left me with more questions than answers.
    I’d like to thank John Burrows who has been understanding with my decision to skip the meeting and wish everyone going a successful and safe weekend.
    What a shit season for road racing I’d like to pass on my condolences to James family and friends."

    - Derek Sheils Racing #82

    Definitely one of the toughest seasons in memory. :(
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    RIP racer
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    People don’t make a spectacle of Everest climbs. No TV and big money on the table. That’s what bothers me about it. Feels like a celebration of death with people profiting from it...
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    Dangerous sport for sure.

    I usually refrain from posting on this kinda stuff as I feel it reaches a place personally I’ve been close to all to many times.

    It’s the other side and as riders/racers we know it’s always there.

    RIP rider
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    Sure they do, plenty of movies been made about Everest over the years.
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    Rest in peace.
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    Everything in life worth doing has its risks. Some more than others, perhaps, but who am I to judge others desires? We understand what it means when we sign the waiver, right? Still, this doesn't lessen the loss or the grief.
    RIP racer. :(
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