Dainese shoulder slider, Right side

Discussion in 'Other' started by adio1dog, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. adio1dog

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    as the title indicates, does anyone have a dainese suit with an intact right shoulder metal slider they would be able to part with. I crashed on the right one and it did its job and is all deformed and ugly, but all the screws are intact so I could replace it to look better. Name your price. Thanks
  2. Is it me or are these impossible to find for the D1 series? It seems like everywhere has the newer "laguna 4" generation ones in stock, which changed, but they totally disregarded any of the previous generation as far as replacements go. I crashed and rolled and both of mine are scraped to the metal (were black w/ red demon) and deformed. While I love the street cred I'd love to find a source of replacements...
  3. Giants324

    Giants324 Shane636

    Todd from heroic used to have some no clue if he still does but worth a shot
  4. damiankelly

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  5. adio1dog

    adio1dog Well-Known Member

    thanks for the information guys, it seems that revzilla has some, but they are only for a select type of jacket, not the race suit. Also to Giants324, thanks for the Heroic tip. Looks like on the website they may be able to help.:beer:
  6. Giants324

    Giants324 Shane636

    No problem just shoot Todd an email or message on Facebook hes a good guy.

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