Corndog67's GSXR 1000 Gets Parted.

Discussion in 'Parts for Sale' started by corndog67, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. corndog67

    corndog67 Well-Known Member

    2002 GSXR 1000.

    After much angst about parting a good running, dialed bike, I decided to part it.
    OK, you've been reading the parrying back and forth about my old Superbike. I made a video this morning showing all the parts (still assembled) and the bike running. As you can tell by the video, it is a very, very nice bike, extremely well detailed.

    So, the engine isn't coming apart, it's a very strong runner, aftermarket outer cases and such. Yoshimura High Compression Pistons, Cams and titanium vavles. It comes with a Yoshimura ECU, and Power Commander, all set up and running like a mofo. I have a prospective buyer for that, so we'll leave it at that. $2200. But, obstensibly sold.

    Yoshimura Full Titanium Exhaust, very good condition. $700.

    Wheels. Marchesini 16.5 Magnesium 10 spoke wheels. I just noticed a small nick in the rear, didn't see it before. I was going to ask $1500 for them, but since the rear isn't perfect, $1250, with a brand new set of Pirelli current WSB slicks (according to the previous owner). I've also got an extra set of slicks, one new, and one about 70%. They go with the wheels too.

    Rotors, Galfer Superbike Iron rotors. The minimum thickness is 4.5mm, both of these measure a little over 5.0mm, they retail for close to $500 each, I want $300 for the set, and I'll throw in the rear little Galfer Wave rotor with them. It's also over 5mm, with a 4.5mm wear limit.

    Brembo 19x20 Radial Master Cylinder. $200.

    Yoshimura adjustable triple clamps, according to some, very rare and hard to find. I've got an extra stem and the eccentrics that make them adjustable. $550. Shipped.

    Sato Clip ons. New are $229 from Dan Kyle. $125 shipped.

    Sato Rear Sets. $520 new from Dan Kyle. $350 and I'll give you the quick shifter (retail, $268 for the shift rod) , too.

    Ohlins rear shock. Hydraulic preload adjuster. Been rebuilt by GP Suspension. 180 lb rider. $650

    Forks. Showa, with Titanium Nitrided lowers, 20mm Ohlins kit. 180 lb rider. $500

    2 sets of bodywork, race style, no lights. Best offer.

    1 black powdercoated subframe. $150

    1 stock silver subframe. $125

    1 stock frame, powdercoated black, no papers, but clean with the DMV and with the local police. $1100. PM or call me if you want the numbers to check for yourselves.

    1 stock swingarm with Gilles axle kit. Check out the video.

    1 Gas tank with pump and race style screw in cap. $200. Black paint is fair, has 2 bubbles under the paint. Also includes Kyle racing quick release clips.

    1 CRG adjustable lever and perch for clutch (cable type). $80 shipped.

    1 salvage title frame, dinged, with title. $500 or best offer.

    Watch the video.

    Any questions about anything you see, don't hesitate to call me. Want to make an offer on something, give it a shot.

    Santa Maria, CA, north of Santa Barbara.
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  2. 418

    418 Expert #59

    Year? :)
  3. gapman789

    gapman789 Well-Known Member

    Looks like 05/06.
  4. corndog67

    corndog67 Well-Known Member

    Sorry brothers, '02. The black frame throws people off.
  5. mavrik82

    mavrik82 Well-Known Member

    Might be intersted in rotors, whats the bolt pattern on them? do you know what common wheels they fit?
  6. corndog67

    corndog67 Well-Known Member

    They appear to be the same as a stock bolt pattern, about 92mm, but that is just setting a pair of calipers across the assembled wheel. If you are serious, I'll take it apart.
  7. Godzuki

    Godzuki Well-Known Member

    hey i didnt know you were on here to corndog
  8. jcivince

    jcivince Well-Known Member

    I'll offer you $450 shipped for the Yosh triple clamps. Let me know.
  9. corndog67

    corndog67 Well-Known Member

    Triples, rear sets, shock linkage, Gilles axle kit, master cylinder, rotors, CRG lever and perch, all sold.
  10. corndog67

    corndog67 Well-Known Member

    Still have:

    Ohlins Shock. $600

    Engine, Yoshimura Pistons, Cams, titanium valves, runs excellent, very strong, Yoshimura ECU and Power Commander included with engine, also wiring harness, will not part the engine. Complete with aftermarket covers, excellent condition. $2200.

    Yoshimura Full Titanium pipe. Very good condition. $700 or best offer.

    Black Powder coated frame. Very good condition. $1100. I'll throw in the black powder coated subframe, too.

    Dinged frame, with salvage title. Best offer.

    Stock subframe. $125.

    Carbon look air intakes. $100.

    2 race upper fairings. Good condition. Best offer.

    1 lower fairing, good condition. Best offer.

    Stock wiring harness. Best offer.

    Other small stuff, call with your needs.

    Marchesini 16.5 Magnesium Forged wheels. Best offer.


  11. corndog67

    corndog67 Well-Known Member

    I just thought of something. That full Yoshimura titanium exhaust also has a stock muffler set up that goes with it, for riding at tracks with a noise limit, like Laguna Seca. Faaaaast, but quiet. Turns it into a stealth bike. The Yoshimura muffler is also in great shape.
  12. corndog67

    corndog67 Well-Known Member

    I've still got the Sato 50mm clipons. Stock clipons. Stock peg assemblies. Ohlins shock. Carbon look air intakes from the fairing to the frame. 2 tach assemblies. Stock wiring harness. Stock fan. 2 race upper fairings. 1 race lower fairing, or maybe it would work on a street bike, too. 3 tailpieces, 1 uses the stock seat. 2 Frames, 1 powdercoated black (excellent condition), 1 salvage title dinged frame. 2 subframes.

    Complete Yoshimura equipped engine, high compression, with Yosh ECU and a power commander.

    More stuff, stock and otherwise, call for details or PM.

  13. corndog67

    corndog67 Well-Known Member

    I might sell the radiator and oil cooler separately.

    Any interest if I part the engine, it's got Yosh cams, Yosh pistons, Graves and Factory Pro covers, Yosh ECU, power commander, little Yosh cover in front of the shift shaft, STM slipper clutch, etc., etc.

  14. corndog67

    corndog67 Well-Known Member

  15. cbreater

    cbreater 02 GSX-R 1000/02 GSX-R 75

    The forks arrived today and were just as presented. I was actually frustrated opening them up they were packed so good! They arrived safely. Robert shot me a tracking number right away and did not dilly dally around with shipping them after payment.
    It was a pleasure doing business with you sir! :beer::up:
    Thank you for the product.
  16. corndog67

    corndog67 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Corey. I don't do this for a living, so I don't need people kicking my door in for sending out crappy parts. Everything is as stated. Still got the shock, engine (but I'm waiting for a deposit), 2 frames, bodywork, wheels, tires, subframes, swingarm without the axle kit, and some other bits.

  17. corndog67

    corndog67 Well-Known Member

    2 NEW Pirelli SC2 slicks, front and rear, 0408 and 1808 code/build dates,
    1 older new Pirelli Dragon, 190/65/R420, f0141b code/build date, not too sure what it means,
    1 used front, same as the SC2 tire, same build date.

    All 4 for $200. You pay shipping.

  18. nobill1398

    nobill1398 K7 GSX-R1000

    Is the Brembo 19x20 MC still available?
  19. corndog67

    corndog67 Well-Known Member

    No. Master is gone. Rotors, Axle kit, forks, triples, rearsets, clutch lever, all gone. Still have engine, shock, all wiring connected to the engine, actual race harness with no lights or anything is still available. Still have 2 frames, stock wiring harness, 2 sets of bodywork, Marchesini 16.5 wheels, 2 sets of slicks, 3 of which are new, 1 used, quite a bit of other stuff, call with your needs.

  20. corndog67

    corndog67 Well-Known Member

    Times running out guys. Another week or two and 13X forums goes commercial, and all these ads go away. I'll probably pay to relist, but still, now is the time to deal. Still have the Marchesinis, Shock, 2 frames, 2 subframes, stock wheels, stock rotors that are like new, the engine is probably sold, some Pirelli 16.5 slicks, and quite a bit of smaller parts.


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