Discussion in 'General' started by slowohioboy344, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. slowohioboy344

    slowohioboy344 Well-Known Member

    Won his first Expert sprint race today at Summit. Came from the 2nd wave to almost beat Wood in CSB, then won the CSS race going away.

    Wait untill the mylaps gets updated:beer: :beer:
  2. Great job Jimmy!!!
  3. KovzR6

    KovzR6 Well-Known Member

    how did you do billy boy?
  4. SVbadguy

    SVbadguy I survived the Mt Course

    I enjoyed watching that CSB race. They were hauling ass into T1.
  5. jimmyv138

    jimmyv138 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. It was a fun weekend for sure. I'm happy I decided to race instead of spectate this weekend.
  6. slowohioboy344

    slowohioboy344 Well-Known Member

    Not as well as Jimmy:D

    I'll get there
  7. (diet)DrThunder

    (diet)DrThunder Why so serious, son?

    JimmyV you are a STUD!


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