Clarence Saga continues...

Discussion in 'General' started by Robby-Bobby, Dec 1, 2019.

  1. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK über alles!

    Who bit a cop dog? Impressive but kinda stupid. :D
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  2. Robby-Bobby

    Robby-Bobby Steeltoe’s Daddy

    I have no clue who that guy is referring to. I’m very very stupid but I don’t fuck with the police. I still wanna go home at some point.
  3. redtailracing

    redtailracing gone tuna fishin'

    Wait is Clarence posting in here now and I just can’t see it? Can you block people on here?
  4. Robby-Bobby

    Robby-Bobby Steeltoe’s Daddy

    Lol and here’s alter ego number 3 “Tristan Yordy” aka his son, whom he’s also posting as. Lmfao.

    so clarence is now having conversations as himself, his son, and Paul Phillops. All agreeing with each other about me.

    lol he fails to remember himself being banned from my track

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  5. blkduc

    blkduc no time for jibba jabba

    10 pages in and it's getting better!
  6. Robby-Bobby

    Robby-Bobby Steeltoe’s Daddy

    Come on clarence, we know you’re reading this!

    hey, let’s talk face to face at a WERA event!

    oh wait, YOU CANT!

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  7. El Cubano

    El Cubano Truth Bomber

  8. Gino230

    Gino230 Well-Known Member

    Ok, I'll bite on this one. Didn't you come on here and start a thread about your trailer being moved, which was over, done with, and settled at the track, yet after your weekend you came here and started a thread. Was that in the interest of positivity and portraying a positive image to new potential racers like you say here?

    I'm not trying to insult you but let's be real, 90% of this forum is about drama that has only a thin thread connecting it with racing.
  9. ChemGuy

    ChemGuy Harden The F%@# Up!

    In on page 3....

    yesss suck it...

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  10. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

    Wait...Clarence lost his clearance?
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  11. cowboy dann

    cowboy dann Well-Known Member

    Roger Roger
  12. R Acree

    R Acree WTF

  13. noles19

    noles19 Well-Known Member

    Mongo revoked his license. But he's not banned from the forum.
  14. cowboy dann

    cowboy dann Well-Known Member

    apparently I missed with the "Airplane!" joke.

  15. JCW

    JCW Well-Known Member

    I think Huh? was part of it...

    all is good
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  16. 88/532

    88/532 Simply Antagonistical

    And promises of uppercunts.
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  17. Ducti89

    Ducti89 Ticketing Melka’s dirtbike.....

    Can we just go back to sniffing glue?
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  18. VFR#52

    VFR#52 Well-Known Member

    Why yes I did.
    I did because somehow I wanted people to know that we have people that come to a Wera race and will move your stuff so that they can take your pit space even when they show up late..
    But if you actually read thread Wera never once said that was not ok for people to touch or move another racers property at a Wera race.
    But you can no longer park in that Area.
    That was final call.
    But I never mentioned the guys name when I started thread now did i?
    And no it was not settled at track as far as I'm concerned.
    I had a loaded 3 rail trailer drug with wheels locked over 2 parking spots while I was gone and he didn't have to move at all that weekend
    It's clear how things work when it's me.
    But I'm a big boy I can take care of myself from now on.

  19. VFR#52

    VFR#52 Well-Known Member

    Here you go Mr Bi polar Robbie Bobby
    Maybe you should actually post the whole page instead of parts about Clarance
    This gives people the date this was sent to Clarance from Robbie Bobby.
    And this is whole message.
    It's long but I didn't write it.
    So enjoy what's coming next.

    Hey man, just wanted you to know that I know we’ve had some ROUGH shit go down in the past betwee us and I am taking 100% responsibility for my actions and I want to apologize to you. I wanted to last night but you weren’t there. But I’m being sincere and honest. I have been a piece of shit to you in the past and I’m genuinely sorry: I am not asking for an apology from you because I can’t control how you feel about me. I have sought some professional help and honestly it’s been the best thing I could have EVER done and I’m in the best place I’ve been in quite some time and I’m only 3 sessions deep. But today’s was “forgiving yourself for the past” and I’m really upset with myself about how I treated you. Again; you don’t have to accept my apology and I don’t hold any resentment if you don’t, but know that’s genuine and sincere. You’re always welcome at the track and I do hope you come at least hang and bullshit from time to time. I’ve got a few more people to call. I would have. Called you but I assumed you were working. If you want to talk or hear it from my own mouth let me know. It the least I can do.

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  20. Mille R

    Mille R Well-Known Member

    THE BBS DELIVERS! There should be a reality show. . . The Real Trackwhores of WERA

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