CASEY STONER: “Maybe I was stupid to turn the last MotoGP Offer Down"

Discussion in 'General' started by BigBird, Aug 2, 2021.

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    The headline editor click baited the usual peanut gallery into heaven....
  5. BigBird

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    it's the first Ive read that he said that maybe he should have thought about it. Lost earnings was potentially $180M Whatever dollars is a bunch of $$$ to leave on the table.

    Also, "Only later was it discovered that he probably had Epstein-Barr Virus, which may have triggered the chronic fatigue syndrome that plagues him now."
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    Crazy talent. I remember thinking of him as the first ever rider, to me, where you could see he was clearly just a more naturally gifted rider. What he was able to do with a motorcycle was just beyond the level of riders at that time. He elevated everyone's game a ton. It reminded me off an older friend years ago. He mentioned that when Mike Hailwood was testing at Willow Springs in the 60's, he was doing things on a motorcycle that people just couldn't believe. He saw it with his own eyes and had a hard time believing.

    Oh, I'm sure while I typed that some dipshit will say how Stoner was "beaten by a toddlers drink" or post some dumbass milk picture.
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    Want a little cheese with that whine? ;)
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    JU said the same thing after watching Schwantz take a few laps at Willow Springs (I believe on a FZ600).
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    I believe Hailwood lapped Willow at 1:39 on a 50 hp (or less) Manx when it was an oiled dirt goat path. These guys come along only once in a while.
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    Stoner could have been the GOAT. Being a flake, a disease, burning out and being a bit of an *asshole keeps him from my top spot but he makes my top 15 without a second thought.

    *Yapping on one year about how the american fans were trying to knock him off his scooter at Laguna when it didn't happen cements that.
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    Oops, typo, 1:36.
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    When it comes to raw talent, he's in the top 3 in my opinion along with Marquez and Rossi. Only counting the MotoGP class riders, since 2002 though in that ranking.
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