Buyer Beware: Frank Babuska Sr

Discussion in 'General' started by Ducti89, May 21, 2016.

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    Kill Mongo! Since no lawyers are getting wacked. They shot that big monkey in Ohio so you just need the monkey gun they used.
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    ... Contact was made with Frank Sr. after the bike was put back together. I asked him if he knew what rods were in the bike. He texted me Carillo rods. I sent him a picture of a number 4 stock rod. He called me and began screaming andcursing at me over the phone. The convseration never got further than, "You fucking call me to break my balls this early in the morning" (after 10 am). I hung the phone up. Nothing was gained. Text messages were sent back and forth and will be provided once I load them onto mycomputer. Frank Sr. provided an invoice from Mark Junge, albeit from 2013, for service done on one 600 and a 1000 bike. It does not specify VIN numbers.

    I entertained his claim of being swindled by Junge at the time of the service and acknowledged his anger. I requested some form of compensation or solution to the matter. He called me but I declined to answer. I texted back and told him to provide his answer in text form as I would not entertain another screaming match. He texted, "face to face or phone call". I advised him that he was not in the position to control the matter to which he wrote, "have a nice day"...
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    This reminds me of my childhood . " We were going to go to the park , but you were bad so we are staying home . " In actuality we weren't going anywhere even if I was good. Frank was going to make this right , but since OP complained he isn't going to make it right now . Comical at best.

    If OP should have had a detailed bill then Frank should have a motor sheet too , well unless your building a cheater bike. We don't want that evidence.

    If one of my close friends ripped someone else and I stayed friends with them . The last thing I would ever do is be his cheerleader in public while he hides silently .

    MelkMan whether you agree or not you are his number 1 cheerleader leaving you to do all the talking while he hides. You don't remember me , but I remember you. When I was new to this sport You walked me on a track and mentored me on my lines and helped me a lot with my riding. I have always looked up to you as a Saint because of how openly helpful you were.

    Please let Frank say something then assist him. Don't do all the talking and let him sit behind the curtain looking like he's controlling you .
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    Who allowed a voice reason in here? We can't have this kinda crap clogging up this thread.
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    Nobody read it anyways
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    In color? Leave 'toe outta dis.
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    Yeah, but not the RIGHT rotating parts.
  9. Drop a huge deuce and call them just in case it doesn't go down, worth the money.
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    then tell them they didnt use the proper rods and misrepresented the plumbing repair, and you will not be paying them. wonder how sr deals with people who rip off his buisness?? think he calls them on sat morning or whenever he feels like it, or calls when its convenient to them? think he just lets it go, or does he try to get his money? wonder if he this is nonchalant when its him that is owed money. i highly doubt it.
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    This thread seems to be a good example of MAD...Mutually Assured Destruction on the part of Melka...He's going to blow everything the eff up :)
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    Someone stole Greg's stapler. :)
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    I still can not comprehend the issue of calling on a Saturday at 10am. If the OP got screwed on a plumbing job, then a weekday call would be more appropriate. But this wasn't work related, so Saturday is totally appropriate IMO. Last time I checked, most motorcycle related affairs take place on the weekend. 10am is late enough to feel comfortable the call recipient is out of bed, but not too late that you're interrupting their entire Saturday.
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    I think I peed a little on that reference.
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    If you screwed me out of 12 grand, that ringing noise in your noggin' wouldn't be the telephone.
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    Ready the pitchforks. Someone needs to get it.
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    Is it possible that the Original Poster called the seller across a time zone so that 10:00 AM local time phone call was received by the seller at 7:00 AM??
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    Yes, it's possible. It's possible that the seller was in Fiji on the OP's 12 grand.
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    Where was Nakamoto when that happened? Hmm.
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