Bringing bike over the Canadian border

Discussion in 'General' started by jfirms, Jul 31, 2019.

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    Bogie is definitely on my list to do with vrra
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    Riding I hope this time... ;)

    I'll be arriving Tuesday... but didn't get a TD for either Wednesday or Thursday. All sold out... :(

    In regards to crossing the bike... It shouldn't be an issue coming in to Canada.
    I would worry more about entering the USA. Have your documentation as best to prove that bike is yours.

    Canadian Tire Motorsport Park is much better then Bogie. Not to take anything away from Bogie but CMPT is better IMO ! ;)

    Yup last one of the season. We could go till September but not enough tracks up here lol that are decent to race on :(

    Give it, at least we start mid May. It is effen cold though.
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    I love Mosport but Bogie is better! And The reason the CSBK season ends in August is because the owners of Mosport insist that it be the season finale and they pick the date! :( The VRRA rents Mosport at the beginning of September for their final event.
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    Hey Alan maybe you know. Have you heard anything about Shanny being sold ? Wife saw a rumor on FB.
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    99.99% of the time no problems.

    Although about 20 years ago a friend of mine was stopped and border agents made him break down about 4 tires/wheels to make sure there were no drugs inside them! Ridiculous! But then again he was a rebel so lord knows what he may or may not have said to trigger said agent.
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    The sale has apparently been in the works all summer. My latest understanding is that the lawyers are going over the fine print stuff so it keeps getting delayed. I may find out more this weekend at R.A.C.E. round 4 but I won't believe anything until a sold sign goes up.
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    Well that bites...
    Although we have ended the racing season in 2013 with Tremblant at end of August.
    Don't know why we couldn't end again with some other track... since CMPT doesn't do the big show anymore with BMW.
  9. You have a title, but it’s someone else’s title?

    That could make it just slightly more difficult for you to prove ownership.
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    Nope :( Maybe next year.
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    Ohhh :(
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    Myself and a herd of friends have gone to Calabogie for the last 3 years (some of the friends much longer than that) to do a 3-day track day there. They have never really bothered us at either border exit or entry, sometimes they look in the trailers, search the truck, etc. but no problems with the bikes. I don't have a title for mine, when I entered Canada for the first time I went inside and filled out some paperwork that can be used every year going forward that basically says the bike was in my possession when I entered Canada. They had to inspect the bike at that time, record the VIN, get my personal info, etc. I think having the title you will be fine.

    Just make sure not to bring any knives you would like to keep. I told them at the Canadian border I had a knife on me (BIG mistake!), they asked to see it and wanted to confiscate it. I was able to talk them out of taking luckily because I liked it. I had no idea knifes were a bad thing in Canada until then. Good luck, Calabogie is sweet!
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    Thanks guys! Will let you know how it goes

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