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Discussion in 'General' started by worthless, Nov 26, 2018.

  1. Wheel Bearing

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    Get the chargers that desulfate as well, definitely worth it and has saved me a bunch in extending the life of batteries.
  2. cartmen34

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    Right. Normal battery chargers will damage LiPo batteries.

    But a question for you Mr. Bird: Why a couple of minutes with the ignition on?
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  3. BigBird

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    supposedly it gets the electrons all excited and ready for action like when you "make thick in the warm" :D
  4. cartmen34

    cartmen34 Well-Known Member

    Interesting. Never heard that. I wonder if that would help on cold mornings. Thanks for the advice!
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  5. Prospect

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    On cold mornings I heard firing your high beam for 20 seconds then turning it off helps with startup.
  6. stk0308

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    From what I understand. Not if you want to use it on a Li battery!
  7. XFBO

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  8. mpusch

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    Been using a JR on my bike for a couple of years. Leave it plugged in pretty much year round and seems to have worked well.
  9. xaarman

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    I had my Battery Tender Jr crap out on me after 4.5 years. Called up Battery Tender, sent them my Amazon purchase receipt via a form on their website, and they sent me a new one. A++++++++++++++++++++++++ customer service.
  10. It is the common one with the green face. I think the brand is actually Battery Tender.
  11. Yep.

    I had the same Ballistic battery on my first 675 for 5 years. There were a couple of times it was nearly dead and wouldn’t start the bike, especially when it was super cold in the morning at the Tally opener.

    I turn the ignition on for 30sec, then turn it off and wait a minute or so, then try it again.

    After a couple of times it would fire up.

    Turning the ignition on gets the electrons moving around and “wakes it up”.
  12. Jaketheone46

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    This is not where it’s dead, just too cold. I fly Rc airplanes and in order to fly in this weather I have to keep my packs warm to even be able to fly a fully charged pack. They even get better once you start flying and get some more heat into them. It’s the internal resistance goes sky high when the pack is cold. Any use of the pack helps to get some warmth into it and therefore lowers the internal resistance. If it’s really cold taking the battery inside for a hour will help bigtime and she would fire right up.
  13. I know. That is what I am talking about.

    There were mornings when it was near freezing, and even a new battery might struggle (especially a 4cell on a bike with fewer and bigger pistons).

    Turning on the ignition gets things moving and will get the battery back up the optimal levels required for cold/hard starting.
  14. gapman789

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    According to the Ballistic video on cold temp starting, you're supposed to hit the starter button and not just turn the key on. ....turn it off for 20 secs....hit the starter again.....turn it off for 20 secs....repeat til it starts.

    Your Ballistic in the RSV4 is going strong after 2 yrs with me. I'm guessing you put that battery in it when you bought the bike, 5 -6 yrs ago?

  15. That’s what I meant. The bike doesn’t have a key, so when I said “turn on ignition”, I meant hold the button down.

    You actually have to try to turn it over and that will shock it.

    Yep, that battery was installed when they prepped it from new. That’s some good life right there.

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