Barber this weekend (March 19-20)

Discussion in 'Race Reports' started by r1butler, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. r1butler

    r1butler Member

    Thanks for the before/after, Reckless Kelly. I wish it was a low side, however. Unfortunately, I was tossed over the high side. According to my good buddy Rob, who was following, I got pitched up in the air and the bike did a pirouette (sp?) and landed back on its left side (for once it didn't flip flop and take out both sides!). Everything was hunky dory until the landing.

    Since I've been told by a higher power this was likely my last weekend doing this crazy stuff, you got any more good shots of old #22?:(


    Oh, and Mike, if you would just remind me that we took off the side stand BEFORE the session starts, this kind of thing wouldn't happen. :D
  2. MikeB-R1

    MikeB-R1 Well-Known Member

    Don't drag me into this. I don't wanna be in trouble with the "higher power", too! :D
  3. r1butler

    r1butler Member

    Don't worry, you're still anonymous!
  4. GapJedi

    GapJedi Member

    Hi Pete, sorry to hear the wrist is broken.

    To all, yes it was a high side, I was right behind him just out of the first picture. The wheel track through the dirt in the second picture was my path to keep from running over Pete.

    Best wishes in healing up Pete, hopefully the license will get reinstated once you are back to 100%.
  5. MikeB-R1

    MikeB-R1 Well-Known Member

    That was Pete? I thought it was a berm. I got a great drive out of that corner. Note to self: remember to wear my glasses. ;)
  6. r1butler

    r1butler Member

    Thanks for the good word, Rob. Sorry I forced you wide. Oh yeah, and thanks for going wide!!!:clap:

    I'm already working on ways to "unretire", but it may take a while. And, of course, it won't happen while I'm wearing a splint!

    Any luck finding a 1000 to race?
  7. r1butler

    r1butler Member

    Berm??? So that's why my ribs are still sore......:D

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