Auto Club Speedway February 4, 2018

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    Today we watched Bobby Fong get it done in two classes, and then finished third (while running a 1:25:266!)

    Rob Linders donated a set of tires to the ‘A’ class. I didn’t hear who actually was awarded the donated set, but very cool.

    Epic weather and some great racing !
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  3. Mongo

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    Mikey Shreve won the tires.

    It was a really great event on all counts - best part for me was the ambulance never rolled!
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  4. SundaySocial

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    ALWAYS nice to notice that the EMT’s are bored, and the turn out was also encouraging.
    In F-2, the T-3 shuffle off the start sure scrambled the field, but we had several good mid pack contests, and those litttle guys on the F-3’s had some pace. I guess this means I have to try to find something ... I tried to find Argee, to see if he wanted to play some basketball ! LOL.
    This weekend provided the ‘fix’ that we dream about, during our winter hiatus.
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