Assault Weapons Ban Heading to Senate Floor

Discussion in 'The Dungeon' started by Quicktoy, Aug 9, 2019.

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    Saw that earlier. GTFO with that BS.
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    This case is frivolous and is going to fail. It's based on state advertising laws and accuses Remington of advertising to at risk young males, whatever the fuck that means. Lanza didn't buy the gun, he killed his mom and took hers and there's no way to prove she bought it because of advertising that supposedly appeals to at risk young males. In fact, the gun was purchased following normal background check procedures from a gun store. It's a shit show.
    I suspect that the SC pretty much has to allow this case to go forward and maybe the plan is to smack it down later. These ding dongs are going to lose and end up paying Remington's legal fees. But grabs headlines, gives the communist assholes false hope, and scares normal brained voters enough to swing some votes the right way.
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    Yup. This is a set up smack down. The SC does that sometimes.
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    Wish I had as much faith in those chicken shit assholes as you guys do. I would say that, overall, the court has decided to take a back seat to the executive and legislative branches. They have failed the people on guns, interstate commerce, privacy name it. As with guns, which is the most clear cut argument in the history of mankind, they continue to choose to ignore the obvious. The lawful path is to clearly state that all laws regarding arms are off limits. Mr. legislator, if you don't want people to have a bazoooka, pass an amendment to the Constitution. Otherwise, STFU.
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    I don’t have faith. I just have no choice but not to wallow in my despair over the discovery that justice and fairness were a lie told to me over the last 50 years
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    sent you a PM
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