Anyone import a Motorcycle from Canada?

Discussion in 'Other' started by michaelrc51, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. michaelrc51

    michaelrc51 Well-Known Member

    I purchased a motorcycle and I am trying to import it from Canada. I think I have most of it under control, however there a few issues I'm concerned about.
    1. I believe I can do this without using an importer or broker, but I'm not 100% sure.
    2. It does have a full exhaust so now I wondering what to "say" on the EPA form, since there is no catalyst on it.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. jdwilliamson33

    jdwilliamson33 Well-Known Member

    I know a,Few guys who buy them in Canada. Drive across the border in a truck and ride it back across. Them 15 minutes down the ride put it back in the truck and drive home
  3. TurboBlew

    TurboBlew Registers Abusers

    is it new or used?
  4. fat bloke

    fat bloke Well-Known Member

    If it's over 25 years old do your paperwork at the border, then when you go to the tag office everything is easy from there, it's actually really simple and you don't need an importer if your going to bring it across yourself
  5. Dave K

    Dave K DaveK ├╝ber alles!

    Should have posted this in General, get more answers there.
  6. michaelrc51

    michaelrc51 Well-Known Member

    It's used. 2012 Aprilia APRC but it has an Akro full system and race bodywork on it.
    It doesn't look too bad but the only issues are EPA and DOT and since it has no Cat or headlights .......

    I am going up in my pickup to pick it up. I am assuming all the paperwork will have to be done to cross the border with it. It would be awesome if I could just show them a bill of sale and then complete the whole importation process after. Plenty of paperwork and info on how the process goes but nothing stating what has to be done before you cross the border and how exactly you bring it in.
  7. michaelrc51

    michaelrc51 Well-Known Member

    I got your PM. Thanks.....I'll call tomorrow.
  8. fat bloke

    fat bloke Well-Known Member

    Newer than 25years you won't be able to register it here
  9. michaelrc51

    michaelrc51 Well-Known Member


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  10. MICKEYGSXR1000

    MICKEYGSXR1000 Active Member

    Has been certified to come in the USA call 516 244 2735 mike

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