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  1. Those numbers aren’t anywhere near the numbers I’ve seen over the years. And I’m not talking Ducati numbers either. But again, it comes down to mods, and also obviously scale calibration.

    Hell, the RSV4 comes in under 440lbs with race bodywork and just a slip-on exhaust, and it’s by far the heaviest Liter bike.
  2. turbulence

    turbulence Well-Known Member

    psht, my supermoto weighs 238lbs from the factory :cool:
  3. That’s how I always thought of them as well, I’ve used those in one buddies truck and another ones trailer, work great in dirt bikes but a lot has to do with suspension travel making it easier to use that style of system. Don’t think it would be as easy to use on a sport bike unless it was sprung for a 90lb person.
  4. Just shut up :)
  5. tgold

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    I completely disagree with this. I got my 250/300 Ninja to 286lb with the most expensive parts being the Area P exhaust and the lithium battery. It still had the stock wheels and gas tank along with a fairing that had at least 5lb of epoxy and Bondo from being repaired so many times. If I had kept the bike longer I could have easily gotten it under 280 lbs by replacing the bodywork and making a carbon fiber or aluminum gas tank.

    Sorry but I think your buddy just enjoyed lighting money on fire.
  6. CharlieY

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    Interesting piece.....I'd probably still put a couple light straps on, I'm just not in that big of a hurry.

    As far as comparison, I like that this stand grabs at the center of the bike.

    Maybe they would rate for more weight if it were not aluminum......We use alum 80/20 alot at work, and I'm pretty impressed with its alum capabilities, but steel is still steel....especially if weight of the unit is not a concern......I like that the Pitbull is steel.

    Also, I like the pitbull connection mech better than the ratcheting stuff.

    Does the pitbull require a hollow or concave rear axle???.....I didnt see any pics of that connection.

    I like tooling and fixturing ALOT, so I'm always intrigued by things like this.
  7. vfrket

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    How many Canadian pounds is that?
  8. 5.45 total :)
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  9. Critter

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    get the pitbull stands I have used both and the pitbull is easier
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  10. Kurlon

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    Pitbull can either capture the axle with a pin if it's hollow with a large enough ID, or they'll encapsulate the nut instead. If neither are going to provide adequate capture they can supply cups to put on the axle ends that end up being the capture points.
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  11. No. You ain’t the boss of me.
  12. sharky nrk

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  13. tgold

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    Delugging the frame and swingarm. Removing the passenger section of the subframe. Replacing steel brackets where aluminum ones will do. (you can do a lot with 1/16" sheet aluminum. The key to durability is to bend angles over a rod or pipe to increase the bend radius and eliminate stress risers) Fabricating a fairing stay out of composite hockey stick shafts and sheet aluminum (don't laugh too hard it was strong enough to survive three crashes!). Relocating electrical components and ultra-simplifying the wiring harness. Cutting everything from the dash cluster but the tach. Cutting out all unnecessary metal from the gas tank filler neck. Removing the fuel gauge sensor. Aluminum wheel spacers. Removing the ignition switch. Removing all unnecessary aluminum from the upper triple clamp. Removing unnecessary aluminum from sprocket cover leaving only what is needed to support the shift shaft. (I still have the part if anybody is interested) Replacing the rear inner fender with ultra light carbon fiber sheets (it was cheap off ebay). Removing extra unneeded threads from bolts. I did not shorten the muffler because while that reduces weight it often reduces power and that's the case with the Area P pipe. Removed the handlebar mounted choke lever and replaced with a short loop of wire attached directly to the carb.

    Etc. etc. It takes a lot of time and thought but it's not rocket surgery.
  14. diggy

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    I have the Risk Strapless Pro stands to manage our families 5 MX bikes inside our trailer. Amazing stands, they just plain work and do it quickly too. However, if they have a weight limit, I'd take their word on it.
  15. turbulence

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    Jesus Christ... removing excess thread from bolts??
  16. tgold

    tgold Well-Known Member

    Yes. If there are a bunch of threads sticking out past the nut what's the point? Especially if it's safety wired.

    Winning is simply doing more than anybody else you are racing against.
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  17. turbulence

    turbulence Well-Known Member

    Well, I knew what you meant.. I just... mind. blown.

    how much do you weight? Just curious.

    Oh and do you like long walks on the beach?
  18. tgold

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    190 lbs. Taking 60-70lbs of the bike compensates for a lot of fat. I am trying to get down to 175 though!

    As for the beach I'd rather be sailing a half mile off shore with one hull out of the water ;)
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    Looks like they are for dirty bikes.....use them for dirty bikes. Don't think, just go with Pitbull :D

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