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Discussion in 'General' started by nlzmo400r, Oct 26, 2020.

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    Risk Racing is out of North Carolina. IDK about their restraint system, but I use their fuel jugs... A good company.
  3. Don’t those girly bikes weigh just as much as the bigger bikes, because of lower grade materials and the heavy ass frame?

    Doesn’t the Ninja 300 come in around 400lbs or some shit like that?

    Personally, I wouldn’t use that thing with a weight rating of 315lbs. I probably wouldn’t even use it for The Grom, and I can lift that bike by hand.

    It says it is a “Motocross” stand. I doubt they intend it to be used on street bikes.

    IMO there are some places where it is ok to cut costs, the system securing your bike in the trailer isn’t one of them.
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    Just spend another 40-50 bucks and get a Pit-bull
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    they work well for dirt bikes and supermotos. buddy put one in his trailer for dirt bikes without pins for his TRS setups
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    In race trim but without any lightweight wheels or exotic materials - Ninja 400's weigh in about 335-345lbs. I believe MA has a minimum weight for the class (bike and rider) and a lot of those teams have to keep heavier things on the bikes to meet that minimum. Club guys can be 330lbs easily.

    Not sure where that ranks with literbikes but I'm guessing roughly 50-60lbs less?
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    Cold Dude...just cold. :crackup:
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    Risk has been around a while and I kind of thought of them as the Pit Bull of MX bike stands. I mean...the ad does specify "motocross"...
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    Pffft since when does something in writing deter this crew?
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    I never let facts get in the way of a good time either
  12. :D
  13. Well, like anything else it depends on which Liter bike and what mods are done.

    I’d say a typical Jap Liter bike with minimum (SS) mods can be anywhere between 370-390lbs. A lot of it depends on how much effort the OEM put into making the street bike as light as possible. Some bikes can easily lose a lot of weight with basic race prepping, some can’t.

    A Panigale S or R model, with the same mods, you can drop another 20-30lbs off that. Get extreme with a Panigale (lots of Ti and CF, tear it down to the frame and rebuild it while removing everything that isn’t absolutely necessary for racing, and you can get one down even lower.
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    You misspelled GROM.
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    Maybe it's just me, but the thread title brought this to mind:

    south park unicycle.jpe

    Yeah, it's probably just me.
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    I don't think that's the case, man.

    Superleggera V4 weighed in at 401 lbs, which already has CF wheels, CF swingarm, CF subframe, CF bodywork, titanium exhaust, etc. What's more that can be saved, deleting headlights and mirrors?
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    So is that your way of saying "I agree with you"? :)

    Weight is 100% a byproduct of how many buckets of cash you have - a friend has a Yamaha R3 that weighs 270lbs, only took him $17-$18k (after buying the bike) to get there though - ouch.

    I was more trying to keep it an apples to apples comparo - typical Japanese literbike vs typical Japanese "girly 400". ...we agree they are about 50lbs apart in similar trim it seems.
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    335lbs with supplied race kit or 350 in street trim dry so add 30lbs to that for final wet weight - 365ish with maybe 1/2 tank of boom juice.
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    Nah man, real scales, not Ducati bullshit numbers.

    The Superleggera V4 is 397-401 lbs, with the race kit. V4R is 440 lbs.

    weighed by Mr 650ib himself.

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    Jesus - 400lbs? My 400 is 369lbs fully fueled in street trim - that Duc is a fat pig! :p
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