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    All items have been cleaned, conditioned, and very well maintained. Willing to sell items individually or the full package deal for only $950 shipped! I have barely worn this suit because it is slightly too big. I am 6’1” 175 pounds and the jacket is a little too roomy. Length on jackets and pants is just about perfect though. Would probably best fit someone in the 5’11”-6’1”, 170-200lbs range. Do not want to separate jacket and pants. Let me know if you have any questions!

    GP Pro two piece suit- US:46 EU:56 (jacket)
    (Pants) US:38 EU: 54

    Smx-5 boots. Size 12 (EU:47)

    SP8 Gloves. Size XL

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    price gloves?
  3. Brandonlit

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    $80 shipped
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    how much have they been used? can you send me some pics?
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  6. Brandonlit

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