Alpinestars Atem leather race suit, black, 40US/50EU mint

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  1. m0rtal1ty

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    This ad is for my Alpinestars Atem race suit in awesome condition. I purchased it brand new from Sportbike Track Gear last year and rode with it about 5 times. I liked it so much, I purchased another Atem suit last week and I don't need two of them. This suit is super clean; I don't smoke or have BO, and I never cleaned it with any harsh cleaners that make the leather shiny or smell weird. It looks and smells brand new. I am 5'10", 155lbs, slightly athletic and it fits absolutely perfectly. I've had 3 of these suits so far, they are that nice. Feel free to ask questions!

    $750 shipped

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  2. BobbyGrand

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    5'10" 170 athletic / lean would this be small? Currently wear a Cortech in size small.
  3. m0rtal1ty

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    Yes, this is small, and I also have a small Cortech which I wear on occasion.
  4. m0rtal1ty

    m0rtal1ty rolling chicane

    Bump; still for sale.
  5. m0rtal1ty

    m0rtal1ty rolling chicane

    $700 shipped!
  6. Thibby9

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    PM sent
  7. m0rtal1ty

    m0rtal1ty rolling chicane

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