AFM Race Round 5 650 Twins 2009 Full

Discussion in 'General' started by yegoshin, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. yegoshin

    yegoshin Member

  2. tophyr

    tophyr Parkour Champion

    Very nice. I'm interested to know how you put it together - I'd like to do something similar with my group. If you wouldn't mind, PM or email me - tophyr at gmail.
  3. duggram

    duggram Well-Known Member

    Looks good! Part of the video looks like it was put together with Dashware. Is that correct? Here's a similar video from BayAreaRiders. But they didn't have the multiple views like you do. That's great! Please share your techniques.
  4. yegoshin

    yegoshin Member

    Yes that's other video is me too :) practicing.

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