Advice Required RE: Racing Incident

Discussion in 'General' started by t500racer, Jun 23, 2022.

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    It's hard to describe hare scrambles to road racers. I participated in both for many years and I've come to accept they are different animals with an independent set of expectations of normal rider behavior, courtesy and sportsmanship. Similarities yes, but individualities as well. Believe me, the first time I was passed a bit roughly with minor contact during a hare scramble, the road racer in me was deeply morally offended!:crackup:
    It is a much less controlled environment by nature. Spectators are allowed to move anywhere on the course during competition. Imagine Mongo letting a bunch of kids build rock piles in the runoff at Turn One RA! But that is the type of apples to oranges comparison that we are dealing with, in regards to road racing/off road.

    As we all know, there are some laws which are indelible across any form of competition. Those of commitment, sportsmanship, dedication, love of sport and the basic tenets of human decency.
    That's why I related the story to the minds here, great and otherwise, because the whole thing seemed so beyond the pale I couldn't/can't reconcile with it.
    And, as always the beeb does not disappoint.

    PS: the other reason I related the story here is because the racing organization involved heavily censors their Facebook page and any mention of this would be struck down instantaneously.
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    Sounds like this part needs a little work:

    “Cole’s got focus on the right things and a mature balance of life that’s lightyears ahead of his age”…
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    I can provide the contact information for at least 15 persons with firsthand experience to the contrary.
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    NEPG national enduro series is mostly a freeforall... let me clarify. they have pre-registration where you can pick your starting row preference. doesnt matter the skill level, bike size, experience. they hold 1 or 2 spots per row, from certain rows to certain rows.

    the catch is, if you start on the first few rows, it is smooth but, the track isnt really totally clear and "burned in". start mid pack, and you have to deal with the pro's on the rows. start at the back... the track is rutted, whooped, and "wasted". they "reset" you after each section... if you are really fast, you wait for your minute to start again, and get a break. late, or slow, and you will be behind your group, and may never catch back up, or get a break.

    hare scrambles is one course/loop, everyone rides for 2.5-3 hours, and the pros and A riders start first, and catch you and start "lapping" you. there maybe 12-15 or more rows/groups of starters so if you start at the back... you may just barely get rolling, and here come the fast guys.

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    Your a mod. Do a brother a favor and fix it.
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    Unless there have been new developments, anyone can add tags to a thread.
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    It's my understanding it's hard enough to get permission to run races on non-racer properties over one day, let alone two. It's been that way for decades, and isn't probably getting any better.
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    If anyone here has contact info for someone relevant at KTM, please PM it to me. Thank you.
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    Man, wish you a speedy recovery.
    I’ve certainly encountered people who were worked up that I was slow, and have been worked up at slower riders- but this is just psychopath level.
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    Some of the orgs around here do have two day events but it's usually quads one day and bikes the next. There may be multiple bike races in a day but it is usually youth on a shorter course, then the adults. It took me a while to find that balance between being in the way and crashing myself trying to get out of the way, but I've found generally 99.9% riders are very gracious. It sucks t500racer ran into the 0.1%.
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    Sounds to me like the .1% ran into him... then bounced on him a bit breaking his leg, then ran him over.
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    Fair point, poor choice of wording.
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    As soon as any lawyers get involved... everyone is getting sued... the rider, dad, team, and venue.
    Lawyer will through it all against the wall and see what sticks!
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    I never said I don't get out of the way. I said I'm not going to crash myself because there's a rider pissing a fit bouncing his bike off the rev limiter yelling behind me. To clarify I GTFO of the way ASAP. Here's the thing... during a hare scramble I don't know who is behind me. Not sure if it's a guy in my class or a pro rider raising hell back there. And typically you can hear them coming and get out of the way the sooner the better. But again... I am not going to crash myself getting out of anyone's way during an off road race. If the rider is THAT talented they should be planning their move well before they come up on me. But in some instances there just isn't time to do that. There might be a huge 1 lined hill climb, there might be a one lined huge log crossing... There are so many different scenarios. 9 times out 10 the fast guys plan ahead and are courteous to let slower riders know they are coming up on them and 9 times out of 10 they yell thank you when you let them by as I do when I'm passing slower riders. But this Cole Forbes guy clearly having no regard for any of his fellow racers has got to be addressed.
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    When did I ever mention getting lawyers involved?
  18. This. If you are serious about wanting something done to it professionally, which is why Mongo doesn’t write letters :) Just remain calm, factual as you can be and leave emotion out of it. Sounds like a classic case of red mist/ confusion / not being able to handle intense situations (I’m trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt because if he had a clear head and did this other justice is necessary beyond what he may get). Sounds to me like the guy was more worried about getting going and that was all that was on his mind, he needs a reminder in some form about what his mindset should have been. Depending on his reaction after the fact his reminder could be anything from hit in the forehead with a tack hammer to hit in the forehead with a high speed projectile :) Either way this is a bad situation and sucks about your leg, I’m just hoping for the sake of humanity this was really a total lack of situational awareness from the guy.
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  19. I ride with some guys a lot faster than these guys, they are extremely patient with me as they let me go out and train with them because I help a couple of them out with their race program. These guys have a vested interest in not cleaning me out and the stuff I wear is very visible to them so they know they are coming up on me and closing speed will be FAST. It’s not always easy to look back or get out of the way offline, they have all told me NOT to look back unless I have 5s of clear track ahead of me. They show me a wheel if they can’t get by and if they show a wheel on my left I move as much right as I can, etc. This is them out training and usually a variety of pro factory, supported, etc guys and this is common with my experience at least. Almost all have said they’d rather wait a few seconds than me crash in front of them, I take what these dudes say pretty serious as most of their results speak for themselves.
    When I’m getting coached and they are pretending to be slow like me a bit different story but one thing they all spend a lot of time on is showing me (and others) how to get passed.
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    People in this thread say about "sueing"... just thinking out loud... as soon as any lawyers would get involved... EVERYONE (including the track) is getting involved... either to protect their interests or get suckee into defending themselves for liability.

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