7x12 Renegade All Aluminum Enclosed Trailer - Michigan

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    7x12 Renegade All Aluminum Enclosed Trailer

    PICTURES --> https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ap5mhoc6d2nXarZTA

    Setup for track days
    Aluminum frame
    Tandem axles
    Torsion suspension
    Brakes on both axles
    Aluminum mag wheels
    Brand new quality radial tires
    Spare tire mounted on mag wheel to match
    Fully finished interior
    Build in wheel chocks
    Pit Bull Trailer Restraints plates (x3)
    L-track in multiple locations to secure canopy, gas cans, etc.
    Wall mounted rack to hold motorcycle stands and other things
    Ramp door with stainless hardware
    Side door with RV style door latch
    Rear stabilizers
    Roof vent
    Excellent condition

    Never used to haul anything other than motorcycles. It’s a clean, well setup, very well taken care of trailer that was only used a few times a year. The only reason I replaced the tires was because they were over 6 years old – thread wise they looked new. The trailer was purchased new in 2003, but until 3 years ago it has spent its entire life stored inside and looks like it is only a few years old.

    I have it setup to haul 1, 2 or 3 motorcycles in number of different configuration so that you can still have a lot of room for gear and other things.

    It is a dream to tow. It rides straight and true.

    Only selling because I’ve sold my motorcycles and no longer have a need for it.

    Located in south east Michigan (48051 zip code).

    Price = $3500
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    Worth every bit of that number! Nice trailer.
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    weight Empty ???
  4. misko

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    Thanks guys.
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