3 phase motor to 120v

Discussion in 'General' started by r6fast, Feb 10, 2019.

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    The needle speed varies. There's usually a clutch, so the motor runs at a constant.
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    Thanks, Looks like a VFD will work ok. The more I think about it though a RPC might be a better option then he can run all his machines off of it.
    Depending on the combined horsepower needs there might be a cost effective solution. Maybe something like the AD series from American Rotary or equiv. If the OP has a big 3 phase motor already I believe you can just buy the electronics.

    Edit: Local Craigslist always seems to have use ones also
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  3. joec

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    Yep. But he'll need a contactor to start the motor and a 3ph sub panel for branch circuits. Those 3 pole breakers aren't cheap. I ran my 11hp table saw, 5hp shaper and jointer and 3hp dust collector off my 10hp roto phase. It worked fine, but I fell into the rpc. Other wise just a vfd for the saw would have not made sense for that one motor in my situation.

    Another nice thing about the vfd is most of then can also run 3ph in. So you can use the braking and startup features even if you have existing 3ph. So unlike an rpc, if he relocates to a place with 3ph, the vfd is still useful.
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    VFD is great. I replaced 240 motor on my lathe with 3 face and vfd, bypassed all electronics on lathe and control everything with vfd.
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    After a long phone conversation with the guy at automation it seems the one juki is going to need a new servo motor. With the power going into the controller before the motor there is no way for the VFD to work. It looks like I am just going to buy a cheap servo motor and make that a binding machine now. The other one I can either plug into my dryer outlet or get a converter.
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    If you don't mind when you're done, im curious what you have going on. What are you making? I worked in a drapery shop for a few years in HS doing mostly hard treatments but worked a little on the machines. Mostly ran a straight stitcher for hemming window shades. But have always been a few steps from sewing shops. So just curious what you do. If you wouldn't mind posting up a pic. It's sort of a people are starting to pick up again.
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    I am starting up a bicycle bag company. I will start with saddle bags and then expand into other bike items. I have a some proof of concepts I have made being tested now so just trying to make it more streamlined. I am trying to keep every aspect of the bags made in America.

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