3 Gorges Dam

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    When you travel to china you never stay at a hotel that is older then 7 years old (really, it is 5 years but sometimes you don't have a choice). Why? They are usually structurally unsafe, mold is coming through the dry way, the entire place smells like someone has smoked a Million cigarettes every place and if you held a black light up to any of the walls or surfaces, it'd look like jackson pollack painting.
    The "western" hotels are better but . . .
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    The longer we underestimate them, the further behind they're going to leave us......
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    Yeah, no kidding..when I was there installing a production line, the concrete in the building was literally crumbling apart. It was 8 years old.... My time on the roof there was mucho uncomfortable....
  4. wiggeywackyo

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    It's hilarious the shortcuts that are taken there to save a penny.

    There was a cleanroom that we worked in that had someone fluffing disposable gloves. We joked about him being the fluffer. When we went to put them on, some of the gloves had notes written on them by the previous wearer.................
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    Fuse plugs. The wall itself may survive overtopping but those earthen sides may not be as successful.
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    Dunno about this case but a lot of them deform all the time when full, part of the design. Seepage happens too and is normal up to a certain amount.
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    Once upon a time there was a guy named Mulholland.

    Ask him about the St. Francis Dam.
  11. sdg

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    I was shocked how much seepage was inside Hoover when I toured it. I asked the guide what are these sheetmetal covers for, he said people seeing how much water is actually coming in freaks them out.
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    I would feel FAR more secure being downstream of the Hoover Dam than just about any Chinese dam under high stress conditions. After all it survived Beavis and Butthead.

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