3 Gorges Dam

Discussion in 'General' started by GRH, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. GRH

    GRH Well-Known Member

    Any experts here on whether or not it's going to hold?
  2. chrysta1

    chrysta1 Well-Known Member

    Worked on some electronic equipment that is there in the '80s, some coworkers were there back then. Hope the dam holds up, first I have heard of the flooding.
  3. sdg

    sdg *

    A civil friend said it is enough weight to influence the crust of the earth. Time will tell.
  4. auminer

    auminer Renaissance Redneck

    If it doesn't, heads will LOL.
  5. RichB

    RichB Well-Known Member

    Would be curious if/what failsafes the dam has built into itself. Depending on how close the water level is to that, and current rates of inflow/ outflow there may be limited options for the dam operators to avoid catastrophic damage, one way or the other.
  6. BHP41

    BHP41 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn’t worry too much. China has the man power to fix anything. I saw that they’re loading trains with people the other week. Must have be the construction crew.
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  7. Jed

    Jed mellifluous

    It has shifted around and water is leaking through, but it's fine. For your safety there will be a news blackout of the 3 gorges region and the Yangtze river downstream for 12 months. Do not believe the Western rumors!

    That shit's going to blow.
  8. No, that’s the new dam.
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  9. bigtime

    bigtime Well-Known Member

    Isn’t this how the zombie apocalypse started in one of the novels
  10. Motofun352

    Motofun352 Well-Known Member

    Train loads of phil????
  11. SuddenBraking

    SuddenBraking Tire collector

    It's heavy enough that it slows down the earth's rotation. Only by .06 microseconds, but that's still mucho weighto.
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  12. OGs750

    OGs750 Well-Known Member

    Fail safes due to water level? That shit should be designed to withstand water pouring over the top with zero water on the opposing side with a 5x safety factor. At least that's what I would imagine, but I'm not a civil guy (nor living in China).
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  13. Phl218

    Phl218 Lemme ask my wife

  14. Sabre699

    Sabre699 Wait...hold my beer.

  15. JBraun

    JBraun Well-Known Member

    I didn't know there were issues with it. If that thing pops errbody fucked.

    I had a funny conversation with my girl's hippie friend about that thing a couple years ago. She was citing it as an example of green energy. I couldn't stop laughing for too many reasons to list.
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  16. Jed

    Jed mellifluous

  17. SGVRider

    SGVRider Well-Known Member

    Uighur, the finest concrete filler material in all of China. Mined directly from the highlands.

    It’s not a sign of impending failure. Who you gonna believe, your lying eyes?

    Looks like they accidentally built that thing to their usual standards of excellence.
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  18. BHP41

    BHP41 Well-Known Member

    Made in China.

    It had a good run. 8 years.

    Only thing I know of that’s lasted longer is Harbor Freight jack stands.
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  19. thrak410

    thrak410 My member is well known


    Everything is fine, nothing to see here
  20. fastedyamaha

    fastedyamaha Well-Known Member

    The Titanic was unsinkable too

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