203mph, Daytona Track Record Holding BMW S1000RR

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    2015 BMW S1000RR Premium

    • DTC (Dynamic Traction Control)
    • Gear Shift Assist Pro
    • Ride Modes Pro
    • Forged Wheels
    • Heated Grips
    • Cruise Control
    • ABS Pro
    • Launch Control

    • Gemini Racing Technologies Race Prepped. (Everything drilled and safety wired for technical inspection)
    • BMW HP Power Kit (Flashed into ECU by dealer) with Full Titanium Akropovic Race Exhaust, 202hp on 93 unleaded
    • Ohlins 30mm Cartridge Kit in the Forks, Ohlins TTX Shock (Electronic DDC removed)
    • Sharkskinz Race Bodywork
    • Woodcraft Rearsets and Case Guards
    • BMW HP Forged Wheels (4.4lbs lighter than stock)
    • Bazzaz EFI Tuner
    • Vortex Sprockets (15-17, 41-48)
    • Rizoma Brake Lever Guard
    • Zero Gravity Racing Tall Windscreen
    • Cox Racing Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards
    • LighTech Keyless Gas Cap

    This BMW S1000RR has been used to race BMW Contingency paying events only. It has 8 race weekends on it, with race finishes no worse than 3rd place in money paying races. I won the 2016 ASRA Superstock National Championship and CCS Expert Unlimited GP Championship with this motorcycle. It holds the ASRA Superstock track record at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI at a 2:15.950, as well as the outright motorcycle track record at Daytona International Speedway's 3.5 mile traditional course, at a 1:46.525 and top speed of 203.5 mph!
    This bike has never been crashed and has had all service work done by Gemini Racing or the dealership. Due to a mechanical issue that BMW warrantied, this bike had a completely new engine replacement at 1,200 miles. The new engine currently has 1000 miles on it, with 500 of those miles spent on the dyno under variable load during break-in (9,000 rpm rev ceiling). All suspension was fully serviced and cleaned at the last race round by Trackside Suspension and Engineering and includes a complete list of notes and specs.

    Pump gas, fresh tires, let her eat!

    Call or text 479-461-1133
  2. track wagon

    track wagon MCAS MIRAMAR

    GLWS I didn't see a price?
  3. samizx7

    samizx7 Well-Known Member

    fast bike. i was told it walked the new zx10r in daytona with no problem. post up a price.
  4. corywest13

    corywest13 Member

    Asking $20k... It was $19k new, has $5k invested in it, plus it has a brand new engine.
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  5. isokdude

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  6. Focker

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    Just getting into track days. Would be interested but I need something that does 205. GLWS though.
  7. nhammond54

    nhammond54 Hammond Brothers Racing

    I had this idiot tell me that he did 210 at VIR on the full course for a track day!! I didn't bother to correct him. Lmfao
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  8. Tonyp425

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    I did 212 on my SV.
  9. warclok

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    Pfttt...I did 195 on my R3
  10. mspeed29

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    Freefall from 10 000 feet doesn't count.
  11. rk97

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    maybe his speedometer was displaying in Kph.
  12. nhammond54

    nhammond54 Hammond Brothers Racing

    Or maybe he was just an idiot....trust me he was an idiot!! lol
  13. britx303

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    Shiiiiit,I did 66.666MPH on my Enfield Bullit..................:D GLWS!!!
  14. corywest13

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  15. SWAT_Spyder76

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    I was on my way to the track to hit 200 mph but on the drive down hit 88 mph and went back to the future... or did I? I mean Biff is president...

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  16. Bypass

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    Biff is president.... :crackup::crackup::crackup::crackup:

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