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  1. busapilot

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    In the past, I believe Vintage did NOT run the weekends of Endurance or National Sprints.
    If this is still the case, am I correct that there will be NO VINTAGE the weekend of 6/14-16 @ PIRC (full Course), Wampum, PA-N,N2?
    If there IS VINTAGE, will vintage run both Sat and Sun?
  2. videojack

    videojack Racing for Therapy

    I have created a combined schedule of AHRMA and WERA races on my blog: https://vintageracer.wordpress.com/race-schedule/

    If you find anything that may have changed, I did write it shortly after both were posted.

    Make notes and I'll make corrections.

  3. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Vintage is run on every Sportsman weekend/day so at PIRC there will be Vintage racing on Sunday (Friday N2 Track day, Saturday Endurance races, Sunday sprint racing).
  4. busapilot

    busapilot Well-Known Member

    Thank you Sean

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