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  1. rcarson15

    rcarson15 Well-Known Member

  2. TX Joose

    TX Joose Well-Known Member

    NC as in NC bike ??
  3. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Two for sure Nelsons -May 11-12, September 28-29, for sure Grattan June 8-9, PIRC June 15-17 - and yes I know those are back to back again, nothing we can do to fix them at this point.
  4. JJJerry

    JJJerry Well-Known Member

    North Central region.
  5. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Hell no.
  6. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    This is NOT THE COMPLETE SCHEDULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is what I have firmed up so far. As noted above, yes, I know Grattan and PIRC are back to back.

    North Central
    5/11-12 Nelson Ledges Road Course, Garrettsville, OH-DH,rs,
    6/8-9 Grattan Raceway Park, Grattan, MI-c,DH,rs,
    6/14-16 PIRC (Full Course), Wampum, PA-N,N2,
    7/4-8 Vintage Motorcycle Days, Mid-Ohio - Limited Schedule-DH,N,
    9/28-29 Nelson Ledges Road Course, Garrettsville, OH-DH,rs,
  7. yokohama1

    yokohama1 Well-Known Member

    Well, I’m happy for the SCCA and VIR but wish it was different. Turning the big 50 this year and told the better half all I wanted was to do the endurance rounds and sprints those same weekends as well as the GNF. VIR is home for me and the best chance for family to see what the old man can do. I know these things happen and I just need to vent some.
  8. uswjmc22

    uswjmc22 Obfusc8

    Double header weekends will have no vintage classes I assume? My plan is to run V5 in 2019
  9. cav115

    cav115 Well-Known Member

    Please put a RA round in NC again!
  10. rcarson15

    rcarson15 Well-Known Member

    .. why?
  11. cav115

    cav115 Well-Known Member

    Because it`s a great track, IMO much better than any we have except PIRC. Nice to have one round at a great track.

    Why not?
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  12. uswjmc22

    uswjmc22 Obfusc8

    NC grids will never support RA costs, IMHO. If I'm gonna drive over 9 hrs to race, it'll be to Barber and no where else.
    As a long time NC guy, I'm frankly grateful that we have 3 decent facilities within easy reach. Let's not get
  13. cav115

    cav115 Well-Known Member

    They usually combined it with another race from South region so that's not a problem.

    And you're entitled to your opinion I don't think it's greedy at all what's greed got to do with it?

    It's just a much better track than we typically race on.

    And at this point there's only five rounds we could use another for sure and why not at a great track for once during the year?

    There were a lot of people last year that like that we went there.
  14. rcarson15

    rcarson15 Well-Known Member

    Because it's not in the North :crackup:
  15. cav115

    cav115 Well-Known Member

    Not good enough reason for me to not ride a great track.

    It's in the north if they say it's in the North...:D

    We were there last year so it must be in the North...:crackup:
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  16. JJJerry

    JJJerry Well-Known Member

    Lets flip the Road A to America, win win :)
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  17. DBConz

    DBConz Registered Idiot

  18. cav115

    cav115 Well-Known Member

    I get it now all you people up in the far north want it your way only!

    Don't we all! :D
  19. RRP

    RRP Kinda Superbikey

    If WERA can't/won't go back to Blackhawk, no WAY they're going to Road America. I have to assume its VERY expensive.
  20. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Vintage is now a part of every Sportsman day so double headers have two vintage races.

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