2019 Husqvarna FS450 Supermoto - SoCal

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by DutchWorksMoto, Jul 10, 2021.

  1. DutchWorksMoto

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    $8500, located in Santa Barbara.

    70.2 hours. Top end & fluids done at 65 hours by a master Ducati mechanic back east that works on all our supermotos. Metzeler K1 front, K2 rear tires that have 1 track day on them (though the rear has a 4 year old date code, Cali vendor failed to disclose when selling them to me). I have changed the oil and filter every 5 track hours to a T, even kept a log.

    • Scott’s steering damper
    • Full titanium FMF 4.1 megabomb exhaust system
    • Warp9 footpegs
    • Warp9 sliders front and rear
    • Acerbis supermoto handguards
    • Rekluse clutch slave cylinder
    • Stock sprockets for kart tracks and a set for larger format tracks (14/44 + 15/42)
    • Rear shock spring on it for a 175lb rider
    • Motion Pro overflow catch can

    Includes the MSO in my name, air fork pump, FMF baffle/spark arrestor, manual, oil filter, motorsports pedal lift center stand.

    Down a couple times, could use fresh plastics and sliders. Ready for an oil change. The front tire will lose air over a few weeks, a spoke gasket likely needs replacing during the next front tire swap - fairly common on FS450s.

    The most fun I’ve ever had on two wheels, on any track. I would keep it and ride it until the wheels fell off as my forever track bike, but I’ve decided I need to take some time away from the track after a few binge years.

    IMG_2319.jpg DSC00263.JPG DSC00264.JPG DSC00262.JPG DSC00261.JPG DSC00260.JPG DSC00259.JPG
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  3. DutchWorksMoto

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    $8000 for a an epic bike bump. Meeting up around SoCal is not an issue.

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  4. DutchWorksMoto

    DutchWorksMoto Well-Known Member

    Had a bunch interested but no one committed yet. Entertaining reasonable offers to sell it here in SoCal as I may be heading back east after this month. I'd prefer to sell it to someone interested in riding supermoto rather than hauling it and storing it all winter long.
  5. DutchWorksMoto

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    Come and get it for $7k - next 10 days only.
  6. DutchWorksMoto

    DutchWorksMoto Well-Known Member

    Took a 360 walk around and cold start video on Friday. Surprised no one wants to take a crack at passing superbikes mid corner at this price!
  7. GsxrBrett

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    I'm interested
  8. DutchWorksMoto

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