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2019 Formula 8.5x19 plus v-nose enclosed trailer

Discussion in 'Other' started by jeffrop, Sep 25, 2022.

  1. jeffrop

    jeffrop Well-Known Member

    Bought a couple years ago from original owner. Interior has been painted and configured for motorcycle racing. There are 2 Moto-D rear stands plus a couple wheel chocks for different configurations. We used the 2 bike stands and a wheel chock for our scooter. There's a makeshift table at the front along with a gear closet. Various hooks and e-track for hanging your stuff. There are 4 LED strips for lighting powered by a separate battery.

    Trailer is a full 19 feet long to the back of the V-nose, 8.5 feet wide and extra tall. This is the Triumph blacked out model. We upgraded the steel wheels to aluminum mags with brand new tires right after we bought it. All exterior lighting is LED, electric brakes on all 4 wheels. See photos for other info.

    Price is $8,000.00 and located in north central Ohio

    330 four6five 7 5 8 0
    Curbside.JPG Streetside.JPG Front.JPG

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  2. jeffrop

    jeffrop Well-Known Member

    Another photo

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  3. jeffrop

    jeffrop Well-Known Member

    Trailer is actually 8.5x18 (not 19) and 18 feet to the v-nose.
  4. jeffrop

    jeffrop Well-Known Member

    Trailer is SOLD

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