2019 Concours de Competition at Barber June 29th

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    Today was the first day the museum began reviewing requests for invitations. As of 5 pm CST they had accepted 6 entries into the "go" class, so only 24 slots remain. The "show" class will have considerably more spaces available, but preference is given to those who register for both "go" and "show" classes. Don't delay, apply today. You still have 4 months to get it running, pretty and your exhibit made.
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    How will the two concours operate?
    There will be two concours run: a concours d’ competition (go class) with on track laps as well as display and a concours d’ elegance (show class) for static display. Once a participant has be accepted into the “go” classes they will also be given the opportunity to enter additional bikes in the “show” class. WERA members who are coming for the weekend racing are urged to bring similar retired race bikes which might not be currently running and enter them into the "show" class. We hope to attract 25 - 50 bikes for that class. The bikes will all be together in the concours area on the upper most tier of the paddock.
    Judging of the two classes will be done by different teams; one headed by Brian Slark and the other by Guy Reynolds. The "go" class will have 1st - 3rd trophies based upon a combination of the bike, its historical exhibit and its on track performance. The "show" class will have 1st - 3rd trophies awarded on the traditional concours standards of the bike and its presentation. There will also be a Best of Show trophy, which in all likelihood will be awarded to a bike in the "go" class. Both classes are open to road race machines eligible for WERA classes 250GP- 500GP and V1 - V6 and Formula 500 and Formula 2 stroke. Bikes in the show class do not have to be updated to present standard (belly pans, etc) but should be in either restored condition or preserved as last raced.
    Cleanliness and beauty are virtues, particularly in the "show" class. "Sounding right" and "going well" are even greater virtues in the "go" class. Good exhibits relating the history of the bike, rider or competition in its period can add significantly to the bike's appeal.
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    Last year this meet looks like what I think is called a double header. Will this year's meet be such that you could enter a V6 race Saturday then a separate V6 race Sunday?
    I'm trying to work out what I can race and still participate in vintage judging.
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    Yep, same basic setup as last year. Race order may change and of course I have to make time for the Concours
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    Sooo I guess if I can get it ready? The 1989 vfr400 just makes the year cutoff ?
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    VFR 400 (pre 1990) is listed as a V6LW. It is eligible for the concours. Send a picture and request to bslark@barbermuseum.org requesting an invitation. Those are fairly rare and make a wonderful sound when unleashed. See if he wants to put it in the field.
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    1982 JJ Cobas Rotax 250 tandem twin but has non-period forks '89 TZ250 brakes also not original bodywork. Are such issues discussion-killers?
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    In the Concours d'Competition "go" class we will be judging bikes on two different basis: restored or preserved. Restored is returned to either as built or as raced at a particular moment in the bike's history. Preserved is as raced at the bike's last event. A bike may have been updated during it career to have components which are outside of its original period. While that might force it to race in a later vintage class, it does not eliminate it from the Concours competition. Please consider applying for an invitation. I would love to see (and especially to hear) a Rotax 256 running again.

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