2018 NFL Season

Discussion in 'General' started by BigBird, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. HPPT

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    If you have your choice of half a dozen teams or more, I can see how it can easily happen. You take the interview to avoid burning bridges, and to make sure you get everyone highest bid. But you already know where you don't want to go.
  2. 3twins

    3twins Well-Known Member

    Listening to sports radio now and they were saying Keenum 2 year-18 million.

    Like everybody else around here I was surprised at Keenum's ability at QB, but apparently he had some impressive numbers in college. Sure hope for the Vikings sake Kirk is worth whatever umpteen more million dollars than the guy that won 13 games for you last year.
  3. DrA5

    DrA5 The OTHER Great Dane

    Packers release Jordy Nelson....and my wife is furious.
  4. HPPT

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    I read that they picked up Jimmy Graham.
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  5. DrA5

    DrA5 The OTHER Great Dane

    This is true.
  6. Sprinky

    Sprinky Well-Known Member

    I like Jordy, but Rodgers really made him look better IMHO

    I hope Graham works out better than Bennett
  7. assjuice cyrus

    assjuice cyrus Well-Known Member

    Dallas is really making my blood boil. We need so much help on defense, and here we are letting one of our top LB's walk and have done nothing in F.A. to help. Ughhh:mad::mad:
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  8. dtalbott

    dtalbott Driving somewhere, hauling something.

    I hope Rodgers works out for Graham better than Wilson.
  9. Sprinky

    Sprinky Well-Known Member

    Rodgers will make graham look like a stud. He desperately needed a good receiving tight end. Cue Danica joke...
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  10. jonathanp

    jonathanp Tech drop out

    Living in Dallas and being a Falcons fan I am more than happy with them not building a team.
  11. Rain Director

    Rain Director Old guy

    Why the worry? It's only Hitchens.

    It's not like Sean Lee left the corral. You know, Sean Lee, the guy that:

    ... gives King DinknDak the ability to throw passes more than 3 yards downfield. With Sean Lee in the lineup, Dak can throw 7 yards.
    ... miraculously allows Dez to catch a ball
    ... keeps Zeke from effing up the ladies
    ... is responsible for 38.612 % of Garrett's hand claps

    If Sean Lee could somehow figure out a way to keep the sun from shining through the windows during games played at Jerruh's Palace, he'd be a god.
  12. Rain Director

    Rain Director Old guy

    Sammy Sleeves, the injury king, gets $20M on 1 year deal with AZ. Made $134M in NFL, has not won a damn thing in his career.
    Played 80 games, Career record 35-45-1 in games started, plays 8 games per year, (2 for MIN in 2017), 101TD, 57 INT,
    Your starting QB for the Arizona Cardinals. :rolleyes:
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  13. rd49

    rd49 Well-Known Member

    Don't hate the playa, hate the game. ;)
  14. pickled egg

    pickled egg There's a beverage here

    You want we should take him back? :crackup:
  15. Banditracer

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  17. thrak410

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  18. BigBird

    BigBird blah

    GMen having to over play for players...what a sad day it has become
  19. Sabre699

    Sabre699 One can short of a sixxer.

    :stupid: :crackup:
  20. dtalbott

    dtalbott Driving somewhere, hauling something.

    Joe Thomas retires.:flag:

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