2017 Honda CBR1000RR SP2

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    Hopefully someone can appreciate this.

    2017 Honda CBR1000RR SP2

    Yes - an SP2. Not the regular SP. What are the differences?
    "This is more like it! Honda’s previous Fireblade range-topping model was a slightly apologetic attempt at taking the Fireblade up a level, but this new SP2 is the real deal, and then some.

    A road legal homologation special using the new SP as a base, just 500 will be made for race use. It’s great to see HRC logos proudly on display, too.

    Carbon pattern insets and gold striping interwoven into the Tricolour paint mark the Fireblade SP2’s difference over the stock machine, as do lightweight gold Marchesini wheels that reduce wheel inertia at the front by 18%, and 9% at the rear.

    But the real differences – and what gives the Fireblade SP2 ultimate racing potential – lie inside the engine and, in turn, the parts that can be added from the two HRC race kits that will be available in Race and Sport packages.

    While the 76mm bore is identical to the SP, the Fireblade SP2 cylinder head runs 1mm larger 31.5mm diameter intake valves and 1.5mm larger 25.5mm diameter exhaust valves, with 10°/12° included valve intake/exhaust included valve angles (from 11°/11°). The valve pitches are identical, maintaining cylinder head width, and it runs the same 13.0:1 compression ratio but uses optimised valve shapes and combustion chambers, elongated spark plugs and a water jacket tightly wrapped around the combustion chambers to improve cooling. The pistons also use an exclusive crown design with heat treatment that strengthens the area around the piston boss, which itself employs a 2.5mm shorter (and 8g lighter per cylinder) piston pin.

    Honda say this is all technology derived directly from their RC213V. " (blatantly stolen and better worded than I can do)

    This one has some tasteful mods done:
    Full Graves exhaust with tune
    HP from 150 to 175 (dyno print out available)
    ZG windscreen
    GB case covers
    RG frame sliders
    Probably some other things I'm forgetting
    It's got 1274 miles on it.
    Asking $17,500
    Shipping not a problem. Been using motoshippers.com

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    O M G, beautiful, GLWS!!! I wish I could grab this but I have to trade in my current bike, probably going to get a 2021 CBR1000RR-R Fireblade RRRR-RR R.
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    Still available
  4. Alanjtc73n

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    Open to offers

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