2017 Freedom 6×12 V-Nose trailer

Discussion in 'Other' started by Cooper#346, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. Cooper#346

    Cooper#346 Wera #26 expert Team Full Effect Racing

    Unfortunately due to some surgeries from my previous deployment I am unable to get to the track this year. I want a racer to get good use out of this trailer as i did for the short time I had it. I purchased this trailer brand new in 2017 it is Silver with Black diamond plate trim also will come with the Title. I've used this a handful of times throughout out 17-18 season. The floor has been sealed with a waterproof coating then outdoor carpet over that, the ceiling has been insulated with finish panels. It is wired for 120v with a 4 circuit breaker box and 1 outlet at the front more outlets can be added if needed. Has 4 kicker speakers at the front and comes with a STS stand or now "MotoD" stand with 06-07 GSX-R 600 axle shaft.

    I can bring it to Jennings GP on a saturday or sunday if interested party will be there. I also have 4 rear dunlop Ntec 200 and 3 dunlop Ntec 120 fronts. They are 10 lap take offs and a set of 10 lap (1 race) pirreli rains purchased from James at RRR in 2018. I will throw these in with the purchase as well as a portable LG a/c unit.

    If interested call or text Tyler @865-twothreefive-31four5 with any questions and I will send pictures through text since I cant get them uploaded here.
    Asking $3500 for trailer plus the tires
    Located in Tampa area

    Thanks and stay healthy!
  2. vosnick52

    vosnick52 Team Full Effect

    Pictures please
  3. Cooper#346

    Cooper#346 Wera #26 expert Team Full Effect Racing

    Hey Tim if you can text me I can send them to you I cant get to load up for me on here.
  4. Cooper#346

    Cooper#346 Wera #26 expert Team Full Effect Racing

    Let me know if you get this one Tim. It wont let me upload the others due the the file size. Have you talked to Kris Stewart lately? Not sure if you remember meeting me at little tally in 2016 but kris and I are good friends we used to run the backroads back home.

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  5. vosnick52

    vosnick52 Team Full Effect

    I text with Kris so often and such a good guy.
    If you would send more pics if you can.
    Is it a vnose?
  6. Cooper#346

    Cooper#346 Wera #26 expert Team Full Effect Racing

    If you can shoot me a text I've got some on my phone I can send ya some over, the files are to large for here. It is a V-nose. 865-235-3145

    That he is, He is a good friend and those are hard to come by these days!

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