2016 ZX10R Race Package

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by fiftycapt, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. fiftycapt

    fiftycapt Well-Known Member


    3 weekend engine
    Kit ECU/cable/software
    GP Fork Carts, Penske triple clicker rear
    Oem and Brembo Master
    Handle full titanium race exhaust
    KRT oil catch can
    Samco hose and clamp kit
    Spare wheels
    Spare levers, grips, rear sets, bodywork, pads, springs, sprockets, chains, screen etc.
    Pitbull stands
    2 sets of Chicken Hawk tire warmers
    199 HP on pump. 6% more on MR12

    Bike is $14,000 USD
    Package is $17,000 USD

    604 345 8899

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  2. fiftycapt

    fiftycapt Well-Known Member

    Bike located at KFG Motorsports in WA
  3. fiftycapt

    fiftycapt Well-Known Member

    Bike chassis setup and maintained by Barry Wressell at KFG

    Motor looked after by Dave Lanigan of Speeddealer Motors.

    KRT ECU setup by Don Beck of Superbike Underground.

    It's a great package.

    I'm currently tied for 1st in the WMRRA Open SBK class.

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  4. blendedfamily

    blendedfamily Well-Known Member

    Can't speak for the seller (sure he's a badass dude), but I purchased a bike site unseen from KFG and the experience was great. Plus, this is a zx10. If you dont buy it, plan on practicing the "Dad, I'm gay" speech.
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  5. younglion

    younglion Well-Known Member

    Another +1 for both the seller and KFG - both have VERY solid Reputations and I’d have no issue buying from either.

    Badass bike, rider corners low, the Shop has the King Fu Grip.
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  6. fiftycapt

    fiftycapt Well-Known Member

    Exhaust holder is from Hustle Hard Racing.

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  7. Khanman

    Khanman Member

    If the bike is still available, I'd like to come take a look at it on Tuesday, July 10! I'll be traveling through the area.
  8. fiftycapt

    fiftycapt Well-Known Member

    Just drop by KFG and they will show you the bike.


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  9. Khanman

    Khanman Member

    Will do.
  10. fiftycapt

    fiftycapt Well-Known Member

    Did you like the bike.

    Any info or receipts you need, call me at 604 345 8899.



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  11. Khanman

    Khanman Member

    Your bike is insane!! Just about a perfect build imo. Will give you a ring soon.
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