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2016 WERA Schedule

Discussion in 'General' started by Mongo, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. obcbr

    obcbr Well-Known Member

    Has running in conjunction, either days before or after, with MotoAmerica ever been looked into? I feel like WERA could use the crowd from the pro race to gain interest in the club level.
  2. kanatuna

    kanatuna You can't polish a turd..

    I dont care about any of the schedules aside from the Nationals. To be honest, this National schedule is pretty damn good. Adding Grattan, PIR and VIR will give some of those northern guys an excuse to run the Nationals. Its a good variety of tracks. I wish one of the Aug dates could have been moved to May, but thats about it.

    Is WERA still giving points at Mid Ohio VMD for the regionals? Just curious...I always try to make that race.
  3. A.R.K.

    A.R.K. Well-Known Member

    On a side note about Gingerman. I went there last fall and it was awesome. I personally like it more than Grattan now, consistent grip and fun to ride. Hopefully it can be looked at again for next year.
  4. ineedanap

    ineedanap Well-Known Member


    Adding Gingerman would be great.
  5. cav115

    cav115 Well-Known Member

    I vote for no Grattan rounds. Never cared for it; seems like a great supermoto or minibike track.

    Yes, I know my opinion matters not. Just my .02

  6. ceebus

    ceebus Well-Known Member

    Am I reading this correctly: We have Roebling and PIRC 7/16-7/17? Or is Roebling really on 7/18-7/19?

    If Saturday-Sunday, that creates a tough choice between doubleheader points in two regions and a chance to do PIRC for nationals points.

    It's good to have options but that's a tough choice.
  7. uswjmc22

    uswjmc22 Obfusc8

    Might this be an additional NC round in Sept? Admittedly I'm bummed about just single rounds at PIRC and MidO.
  8. regularguy

    regularguy Always Krispy

    Chris, I'm pretty sure that's a typo and the Roebling regional will be on the 16th and 17th.
  9. DaveB

    DaveB Just Riding Around

    I would assume the same it has always worked in the past. When a day is combined regional/national the race entry fees are whatever the national fee is and you automatically get points in both. No separate entries or declaration required, it just happens.
  10. Ah ok. Thanks Dave. :beer:
  11. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Yep, typo. Going to fix it now.
  12. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Been thinking about it but have some other new stuff to try this year if it all pans out so that idea got shelved for now. We will have a purse at the Nationals in the 600 Superbike class (last I heard it was SB not SS - that may change).
  13. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Fees will be the same this year National or Sportsman. Double headers will be the same as last year, rather than two totally different events for pricing the second through whatever entry fee will carry over to Sunday.

    You will get points in whatever is running that day even if you're concentrating on something else. Same for multiple regions.
  14. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    We have run races the weekend prior and in the case of Mid-Ohio in between VMD and the pro event. It limits some riders who are in the top ten in MA but overall the events work well. We'd do more if things worked out.
  15. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Yes we are - still just Vintage and the twins stuff.
  16. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I've always liked it even with the not so great last turn but for whatever reason riders don't show up - even when it was new and the pavement was good. I'm sure we will try it again at some point.
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  17. 5axis

    5axis Well-Known Member

    I think the success that STT is having at it's Gingerman events has gotten more riders comfortable with the track and facilities.

    Maybe someday we will get you to come around on Flat fee and track specific pricing. :)
  18. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    Nah, we prefer the Big Mac theory - you go to a WERA race and you know what you're getting from fees to classes to the way things are run :D
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  19. I really miss Big Macs. I haven't had one in years. They don't fit into my training and diet requirements. But back when I was really really skinny with a ridiculous metabolism and doing alot of powerlifting to put on size and needed the excess calories, I could fuck up some Big Macs.
  20. Mongo

    Mongo Administrator

    I miss them back when they were actually big and looked in real life like they do in the ads now. Overall though rare times I hit fast food is when I'm driving (other than late night Taco Bell) so I go for things that won't make a mess. That means the southern style chicken sammich at McD's.

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