2015 Freedom Vnose 8 1/2x 22

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    Decided to down size to a sprinter van so I can use it for multiple things and not have to tow any more. I can provide the build sheet on the trailer Since it will not let me list enough of it in the description so please shoot me a message and I will give a full description. It has some bumps hear and there from being jackknifed with a ridiculously big motorhome and somebody who did not know how to do that. But overall its super clean , does not leak and the things that are wrong with it is nothing that a wrap would not take care of or you could just not worry about it , because it is just not that bad.
    Set up to haul two bikes with strapless stands and plenty of room for more in the back tied to the ETrack with wheel chocks. It’s clean . Tons of cabinet space and storage to keep everything out of the way along with the workbench in the front.
    8 1/2 x 20 Box plus V nose .
    Floor and ramp have sprayed in bedliner from Line X
    A/C 50 amp service and electrical package “ ac blows Cold”
    Has a fold up cot that rocks for naps .
    7 foot ceilings with insulation in the walls
    8 x 8 diamond plate observation deck with ladder 36 inch railings
    Mag wheels with Radial tire’s
    Outside halogen work light along with GFI outlets
    18 foot checkered flag awning
    Midship turn signals along with LED reverse lights
    HD 6000 LBS ramp door
    7000 pound axles
    Most of the walls has FastTrack mounting plates so you can put things where ever you want .
    Pitpossie tire rack , fire bottle holder Tons more cool stuff
    Asking $ 8500 upload_2020-9-20_9-24-51.jpeg upload_2020-9-20_9-25-23.jpeg upload_2020-9-20_9-29-24.jpeg upload_2020-9-20_9-29-7.jpeg upload_2020-9-20_9-28-44.jpeg upload_2020-9-20_9-28-21.jpeg upload_2020-9-20_9-28-0.jpeg upload_2020-9-20_9-27-2.jpeg upload_2020-9-20_9-26-41.jpeg upload_2020-9-20_9-26-13.jpeg
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