2013 and 2017 R6 parts needed

Discussion in 'Wanted to buy or trade' started by SpeedR73, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. SpeedR73

    SpeedR73 Member

    I went down last season and am rebuilding my R6. I have converted from 2013 to 2017. The parts I need are below:

    - 2017+ R6 tank
    -2017+ R6 race subframe
    -08-16 R6 vortex adjustable rearset (only right side is damaged, but I'll buy the whole kit if needed)
    -I'd like one of those whole tank fiberglass covers if anybody has one
    -graves titanium exhaust silencer (i believe works 6, its the clampless one thats held on by springs)
  2. Emerson

    Emerson BobbleHeadMoto

    I have some of those parts
    2017 tank $425
    Vortex rearsets (half trackday on them) $280
    I can get you a good price on a new tightails subframe.
  3. samizx7

    samizx7 Well-Known Member

    Got a set of vortex in good condition. No damage. Also have spares. What part of the rearset do you need
  4. SpeedR73

    SpeedR73 Member

    Do you have pics of the tank? Are you close enough for pick up or does that price include shipping? I'm 30080. Also, on your rear sets, they are the adjustable correct?

    All damage is on the right side. Pretty much the entire rear set is messed up. Even the main bracket got bent, most of the other bits are cracked. Yours are adjustable correct? Any pics?
  5. samizx7

    samizx7 Well-Known Member

    send me your email. i have a complete rearset from vortex
  6. SpeedR73

    SpeedR73 Member

    I PM'ed you
  7. MOTO-D

    MOTO-D Trackday Junkie

  8. SpeedR73

    SpeedR73 Member

    I'm currently looking for used rear sets to rebuild what I already have, the vortex adjustable kit. Trying to save money on my rebuild. Those look nice though.
  9. SpeedR73

    SpeedR73 Member

    Still looking for the 2017+ R6 tank and the vortex adjustable rear sets.

    If you still have these available please let me know. Maybe some pics too?
  10. SpeedR73

    SpeedR73 Member

    Bump...just need the 17+ R6 tank now.

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