2012 Road Race Factory Yamaha R6 - Jake Gagne's former B bike - Charlotte, NC

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  1. AMA229

    AMA229 HandsomeBanana

    Hi racing community,

    I'm sadly entertaining selling my 2012 RRF Yamaha R6. It was formerly Jake Gagne's (Red Bull) B bike.

    The only reason I'm even thinking about selling this bike is to race a ZX10R this season.

    This bike is very capable of winning races and has led me to more than a dozen wins and many more podiums in 2018.

    **I'm hoping some of the East Coast racing family chimes in to validate how capable this bike is**

    The new owner will be very happy. I on the other hand, will probably start crying. I've built some epic memories aboard this bike.


    Located in Charlotte, NC

    Shipping is a non-issue, I'll gladly cooperate to facilitate the process (buyers expense)

    Rick Matheny (RM racing etched) built motor - 127 hp pump/133.7 MR-12 (have dyno sheets)
    Graves "WORKS" velocity stacks
    Graves smog block off plates
    YEC kit ECU
    YEC kit wiring Harness
    Bazzaz ZFI-TC (traction control w/remote adjustable trim switch with on the fly TC control)
    Translogic QS/Auto-blipper w/ warm up feature
    Pit limiter
    Dual fuel map switch (pump/MR12)
    Leo Vince Titanium headers
    Arrow can
    Samco hoses
    New clutch fibers and steels (3 sprints at 2018 GNF)
    Motul 300v (3 sprints at 2018 GNF)
    Dry break fitting on fuel tank for seamless draining of race fuel.
    Speedcell Li poly battery
    1 season on motor

    Ohlins FGR 1520 Nitrogen charged forks 1.0 kg/mm springs (refreshed by Thermosman @ 3 sprints at 2018 GNF) pre-drilled for telemetry
    Ohlins TTX36GP shock 10.0 kg/mm(refreshed by Thermosman @ 3 sprints at 2018 GNF) pre-drilled for telemetry
    Quick change captive rear shock mount
    GPR V4 steering damper (fresh rebuild)
    Brembo RCS 19 Master w/folding lever
    Dion Device brake lever guard
    Shaved calipers w/ pad magnets for quick & easy front tire removal.
    Ti bolts scattered around forks and brakes
    FF captive spacers front rim
    Galfer SBK rotors front and rear
    Vesrah SS pads
    Captive/quick change rear axle assembly. Tire swap is a breeze.
    Carbon fiber swingarm protectors
    Carbon fiber tank protectors
    Vortex Clip-ons
    Vortex Rear-sets
    Vortex clutch lever
    Vortex Driven and Countershaft sprockets
    DID ERV3 chain
    Vortex engine protection (new, not installed)
    Vortex locking fuel cap
    Saddleman seat
    Fully safety wired to WERA/ASRA/CCS spec.
    Sharkskins bodywork, minor lowside at the GNF left it damaged but repairable.
    I also have a complete set of Aussie Dave Racing (ADR) fairings that may go with the bike - white/red

    Spares: (additional cost)
    08 Stock engine (won the Barber 4 hr on it)
    3 sets of rims
    Every possible gearing combination you'll ever need
    Fuel pump
    Vortex rear sets
    Instrument cluster
    Pitbull stands
    More...I'm just getting bored listing it...LOL

    The bike doesn't have the bodywork installed currently.

    Took the bike for a spin yesterday 2/6/19 everything performed well.

    If the bike doesn't sell by the end of February, I'll sadly part it out.

    **Feel free to contact me if you'd like prices on the spares**

    Thank you for your interest.

    R Bryan Land



    Please call or text with questions

    Photos coming soon...
  2. Newyork

    Newyork Dip Mode

    Do you have the stock fairings/lights to put it back on the street.... Lol GLWS man.. dope bike!
  3. AMA229

    AMA229 HandsomeBanana

    In it's former glory, before I purchased it....
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  4. Clayton White

    Clayton White Well-Known Member

    Thats a beautiful bike id keep it if i was you..
  5. Newyork

    Newyork Dip Mode

    I’m pretty sure I saw/sat on that bike when it was for sale back in 2015 at NJMP MotoAmerica race...

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  6. AMA229

    AMA229 HandsomeBanana

    More recent photo. IMG_5793.JPG
  7. AMA229

    AMA229 HandsomeBanana

    No sir. No stock fairings. I'm not certain that this would make for a suitable street bike. I'd really like to see this bike go to a serious track enthusiast or a racer who wants to win races. It's just in it's DNA :beer:
  8. Newyork

    Newyork Dip Mode

    Dude I’m sorry I was totally joking with that question...I’ve seen people ask it with race bikes like this and thought it would be funny. Lesson learned. It’s not.

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  9. AMA229

    AMA229 HandsomeBanana

    No worries. I read your post and thought to myself, "this bike would beat the shit out of you on the street." The first South Carolina pot hole you hit would break your junk. Not necessarily implying that South Carolina has horrible roads, but Ohlins suspension and South Carolina streets aren't the best of friends. I only live 3 minutes from the state line and lets assume that I may have taken the bike for a test ride in the local vicinity.;)
  10. AMA229

    AMA229 HandsomeBanana

    All PM's replied to.
  11. AMA229

    AMA229 HandsomeBanana

    Bump. Happy hump day!
  12. scridercoach

    scridercoach Member

    Holy crap... if you took it anywhere near Rock Hill, I'm surprised you didn't die. For a myriad of reasons, not just potholes!!! Gorgeous bike and great set up. Too bad I'm $7,500 shy of asking price and completely out of talent for it.
  13. AMA229

    AMA229 HandsomeBanana

    Right?! Rock Hill, SC is a multifaceted threat. Again, the owner will be pleasantly surprised with the purchase.
    I'm going to be candid. While I understand I may reduce the number of potential buyers, I'm not concerned who this statement may offend.
    I want a racer who wants to win buying this bike. It is a well honed, purpose built machine designed to win races. I want to keep in touch with that individual and share in the thrill as he/she/it rips by the competition. I do not want it to end up in someones care who does a couple track days a year.
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  14. DmanSlam

    DmanSlam Well-Known Member

    Understood. Sounds like you're not "letting go". And understandably so. I totally regret selling my 03 R6 track bike. And though I didn't stay in touch with the buyer, I did try to reach out to him to buy it back if possible. That was 2.5 years after selling it because I was "oh so sure" I couldn't afford it sitting around unused and "oh so sure" I wouldn't be riding the track any time soon. F** me! Now here I am looking for a bike again. So I can ride the track again.

    Point I'm making is: If you can hang onto it, do it man!. F'ing do it!
  15. AMA229

    AMA229 HandsomeBanana

    Thanks buddy. I'd love to see someone on the team I'll be racing for buy it. I understand I'm a little late to the game. If I were to have had it on the market 2 months ago before everyone bought their bikes, I'm sure it would be long gone...but I couldn't bring myself to part with it. I'll be on a 1k this year, so I'm prepared to swallow that sour pill. Thanks for the words of wisdom sir!
  16. walladm

    walladm #147

    Bump for a wicked fast bike! This is the only R6 I'd leave my Honda for. Having raced against this machine and rider numerous times, I know how fast these two are. You should look up Bryan's YouTube if you have any doubts.
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  17. AMA229

    AMA229 HandsomeBanana

    Sold. Thanks all.
  18. Allan Kersey

    Allan Kersey Active Member

    Thanks for calling

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